Dream in Style: Nell Hill’s Bedding Designs That Inspire Pt. 1

The end of the year is almost here! The holidays are quickly approaching, and as they do, the beautiful seasonal décor that has dressed the store for months little by little goes home with all of you. This is a period of transition for the shop. Over the next few weeks, the Nell Hill’s team will work together to reset the first floor for a fresh new year. The garland will be unstrung, and any remaining Christmas baubles tucked away. Truckloads of new furniture will arrive from the warehouse, shelves will be expertly dressed with books and décor, and new vignettes will adorn buffets and coffee tables.  

Thankfully, there is one area of the shop where the changing of the seasons only signals changing the sheets instead of the entire composition of a room: the bedding department. As the chill in the air ushered in the cozy season, the brilliant minds on our bedding team, our talented Nell Hill’s designers, and our amazing workroom staff have been working together weaving dreams and styling sanctuaries for our amazing customers and the show room floor all season long.  

It is with immense joy that I present to you the first of a two-part series highlighting their hard work. Here, in the embrace of comfort and elegance, it is plain to see the artistry and passion that goes into curating each bedding design. Each bed truly is a celebration of craftswomanship, a symphony of textures and colors that promise to inspire your own dreams in style. I can’t wait to share them with you!  

The Bee Happy Bed

The Bee Happy Bed is a lovely designer bed dreamed up by Nell Hill’s designer, Reese, and executed by the talented team in our workroom. Over the past year, we’ve highlighted bedding designs on the showroom floor created by our design team. Reese, like all our talented designers, brings a unique flair to her designs, showcasing the breadth of creativity within the Nell Hill’s team. Each month, we’ve unveiled these bed designs not only to highlight our designers’ skills but also to inspire our customers. It’s a testament to the limitless possibilities when collaborating with Nell Hill’s designers. 
This particular bed, adorned with a charming bee motif, found its perfect match in an unexpected way. This beautiful bedding design hit the floor in September and was quickly scooped up by the most perfect guest that just happened to be visiting Nell Hill’s that day – a bee keeper! She was shopping with some friends when she buzzed into the shop and made a direct bee-line for that bed. She knew right away it bee-longed with her! Okay, that was my last bee pun, I promise. But, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with her while she was here that day (and later grabbed a few things from her sweet etsy shop). To me, it’s these stories and the personal connections we get to make with our customers that truly make our jobs special. It’s not just the bee motif that made her fall head over heels for this designer bedscape, either. This beauty is an absolute charmer – the dressmaker details generated as much buzz as the bees! 

The pillow combination on this bed is a charming black and white arrangement that supports the overall theme, while still injecting personality into the design with the addition of a curated collection of texture and pattern. Not only were the fabrics chosen with care, pillow trims and baubles were carefully considered to create a combination that was both playful and charming. Pom pom trim on the black and white striped pillows adds a dash of whimsy while the bee pillows contribute a touch of sophistication with their flat flange and pleated corners. Lil, our work room manager, knew just the thing to pair with this bed, and designed and embroidered the bee on the front pillow for additional continuity through the pillows to the duvet. Lil is extremely creative and always has a wealth of ideas to make just the right monogrammed or embroidered pillow for our customers! This personalized touch reflects the dedication and creativity that goes into every Nell Hill’s creation that leaves our workroom. 

The Tranquil Forest Night Bed 

Like its namesake suggests, the beauty in this design lies in its stunning composition of soft neutrals and cool tones that work together to create a posh and refined place to rest your head. This bed, like several examples on the floor right now, are a smart combination of custom and ready-made elements that come together to create a bedscape that is unique and stylish while still maintaining some cost-saving elements. In this look, the custom pillows pair beautifully with a readymade duvet we call the Wilton (which also comes in bedspread form with a ruffle that falls to the floor). This best-selling bedding is machine washable, making it a great recommendation for those whose kiddos and pets frequent climbing in the bed, or just someone who prefers a lower maintenance option.  

The pillow combination on this bed expertly toes the line between masculine and feminine tones, a hallmark of well-executed new traditional design that is showing up on the showroom floor on several of our holiday bedscapes this season. Two flame-stitch-esque pillows piled with rich blues and browns match the overall mood of the design, their scale the perfect complement to that of the doe in the front pillow. These beauties not only packs a punch in the color department, but I also love that they add a beautiful texture to the mix that elevates the entire design. To avoid the look from becoming overwhelmingly masculine, the Euro pillows in this look have a fun animal print ruffle all around. These thoughtful details were partnered carefully with a seasonal plaid throw artfully draped across the foot of the bed. Its addition provides a much-needed pop of color to carry the eye throughout the entirety of the design, and acts as a bed scarf. 

The Dreaming in Neutrals Bed 

If you’ve been following along the blog, you might remember that while at our most recent trip to Market, we saw layered neutrals trending. This bedscape takes the trend and inserts its own new traditional charm.  We love neutral’s ability to build a look that is interesting without being too overwhelming. Three Euro pillows rest up against the wood-trimmed upholstered headboard, one of two ready-made elements incorporated into this bedding design. Customer favorites for their intricate quilting, these pillows feature a light brown embroidered leaf in a diamond pattern, the texture adding a warm traditional charm.  

This bedding design was inspired by the soft look of the wood and upholstered king-sized bed frame that it was dressed for. The pillows are a perfect pairing, with two rows of pillows featuring wood block printed motifs immediately catching your eye. Their intricate patterns and hand-touched charm beckon you to take a closer look. Our favorite pleated corners add sophistication and elevate the collection. The front pillow features a Greek key trim, a favorite of ours in the shop for cohesively tying together a look, whether it be new traditional or preppy or equestrian. Available in many different colorways, this pillow is as versatile as it is charming.  

With the aim of soft, neutral, and traditional, we knew the Farmhouse Striped Duvet was the perfect fit for this pillow combination. It’s a fantastic ready-made option that we love for the soft caramel tones and the thin stripes that make it easy to pair with season after season.

A Walk on the Wild Side Bed 

Here is another bedscape where the pillow combination is what makes this design extraordinary. Like the Tranquil Forest Night bed, this curated assortment of pillows is resting on the ready-made Wilton duvet in Natural. A perfect neutral backdrop, this allowed us to go bold with the color and design choices of the pillow collection without fearing they would “get lost” or clash with the bed covering. In this way, each pillow has the opportunity to shine not only collectively, but individually as well.  

When coming up with this composition, we first selected the teal patterned pillows. Inspired by the color of the birds and flowers in that fabric, we paired them with solid linen shams in a cinnamon color. But this design proves that solid colors don’t have to be boring! To keep these pillows from feeling one-note, we added a flat flange with mitered corners and a microwelt in a coordinating color. The front pillow is a customer favorite and another great example of the versatility of the Greek key trim. This one in particular we have used in numerous bedding options and a wide range of styles.  Anchoring the pillows from the back are a pair of cheetah print Euros. A daring design risk that pays off in spades. As far as the cheetah Euros go, you know what they say, “Matches nothing, goes with everything”. 

In the realm of bedding design, the possibilities are as endless as the dreams that fill our heads as we drift off to sleep. Today’s designs are a testament to the artistry that can unfold when one’s imagination meets our array of fabrics and finishing touches. Each bed tells a unique story, weaving together comfort, style, and individuality.  

Whether you opt for ready-made options or choose to collaborate with our talented designers, the journey to creating your dream bedding at Nell Hill’s is an experience we cherish. We invite you to explore the boundless potential for reinventing your bedroom haven, making it a reflection of your personal style and an embodiment of sweet dreams to come. Until next time – happy decorating!