Dream in Style: Nell Hill’s Bedding Designs That Inspire Pt. 2 

As Christmas approaches, the anticipation of welcoming loved ones into our homes for the holidays grows ever more delightful. The art of creating a warm and inviting guest room is a joyous task, and what better way to infuse that space with charm than through the language of bedding? In Pt. 2 of Dream in Style I am thrilled to present a curated collection of seasonal bedding designs from Nell Hill’s, featuring two enchanting holiday beds, a watercolor-inspired masterpiece, and a Ralph Lauren-inspired designer bed meticulously crafted by our very own Anne.  

With just a week left until the festivities begin, our focus turns to ensuring our guest rooms are not only cozy but also tell a story of style and grace. Join us on this second of our two-part journey of bedding inspiration, where each design is a chapter in the tale of a welcoming home adorned for the season. As we dive into these distinctive beds, my hope is that you find the perfect inspiration to make your guests’ stay as memorable as the holiday itself. 

The Seasonal Neutrals Bed 

This lovely bedscape featured earlier this fall is one from our designer bed series. Created by Nell Hill’s designer, Anne, it’s a shining example of expert pattern-matching. Anne did a great job of pulling together an effortlessly seasonal floral look with plaids and animal print fabric. No small feat!  

With the timing of her bedding design hitting the floor as the leaves were changing and days were getting crisper, she wanted to create something using a warm, cozy Ralph Lauren-inspired color palette. We had just received the new, warm floral in our fabric department and she was excited to use it in her selections. Anne is also a big fan of mixing plaids, a look well-executed in today’s featured bed.

Not only is the traditional black watch plaid featured on the front pillow, it also dons the backside of the reversible duvet. In fact, all of our custom duvets at Nell Hill’s are considered reversible. With this design, Anne wanted to feature a more feminine fabric on one side and a masculine plaid on the other. The beautiful thing about her fabric selections is that the duvet can be flipped at any time and the look still remain cohesive. 

The Holiday Mod Bed 

As you probably gathered from last week’s Part 1 post of Dreaming in Style, we know that a fully customized bedding set isn’t always the best option for everyone, which is why we always strive to highlight a few options in the bedding department that feature a combination of ready-made and custom options in their design.  

A winning combination dreamed up by our bedding department, this set is a cheery and seasonal example of one such design. Beginning with a foundation of a readymade duvet bespeckled in polka dots aptly named the “Dottie Black”, their goal was to build a festive holiday bedding design that showcases black and white as a natural pairing for plaid. I’d say, mission accomplished, ladies! 

A twin pair of Dottie Black pillows anchor the assortment of cushions at the head of the bed, their presence bringing continuity and carrying your eye from the duvet to the pillows. A large buffalo check pattern adds scale into the mix, the perfect juxtaposition to the much smaller print found in the pillows resting in front of them. For those, we took a classic glen plaid and corded it in red velvet, a simple touch that adds sophistication and a gentle nod to the holidays. And of course, we couldn’t resist adding a throw to the foot of the bed for additional texture and color. 

The Watercolor Dreams Bed 

The Watercolor Dreams bed is another great example of how a combination of ready-made and custom elements can work together to achieve an elegant and sophisticated bedscape without breaking the bank. Not only is the bedspread ready-made, our very own Wilton, but the deep peacock blue-green velvety quilt, folded and draped to resemble a bed scarf, and matching pillows are as well.  

This bedding design was inspired by the beautiful ink-blot fabric, featured in even more ready-made pillows, but since it was so bold and colorful, special considerations for the design had to be made. We chose to incorporate two rows of pillows in this fabric to achieve maximum impact without going overboard. Offset with a pair of tan houndstooth pillows and a plaid throw blanket, their touch adds a stately refinement to an arrangement that could have otherwise leaned a little too boho for this particular space. The matching quilt and pillows add a fun texture to the mix, their solid blocks of color a welcome addition without taking away from the hero fabric. 

The Jungle Bell Rock Bed 

I couldn’t resist wrapping up this bedding roundup blog post without sharing one last holiday bed! This design in particular I love for its festive holiday flair with a little rock and roll edge.  

The base of the design is a duvet acting as a clean and crisp white backdrop for a loud assortment of pillows. Running along the top is a black stripe trim detail that not only adds a touch of class to the look, but ties back to the detailing on the pillow selection, which are entirely trimmed out in black.  

Resting smartly against the headboard of the lovely four poster bed are a wild selection of leopard print euros. You know what they say in design – animal print acts as a neutral. And in this case, it’s certainly true. I love the way they pop against the rich seasonal plaid without overpowering it. By featuring the same fabric in the second row of pillows and in the front one as well, the plaid remains a mainstay in this design.  

And lastly, a pair of pillows in a large black and white stripe round out the fabric selections in this design. Not only do they work because the black and white moment is a nod to the duvet detailing, but they introduce a new scale of print into the mix that keeps the entire design feeling balanced. A red plaid throw is artfully draped atop the bed, while a velvet pillow of deep crimson sits at the foot of the bed on a bench. Not just minor details, these two final elements may seem unimportant, but they help your eye move through the entire design, leaving you with a finished luxe rock and roll holiday bedscape. 

From festive holiday beds that evoke the warmth of the season to the ethereal allure of a watercolor-inspired design, and the timeless elegance of a Ralph Lauren-inspired creation by our talented designer, Anne, each bedding ensemble tells a unique story. At Nell Hill’s, we believe that your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality and style, and our bedding designs offer a plethora of options to suit every taste.  

As we wrap up this latest exploration of dreamy beds, I hope you find inspiration in these diverse designs and embark on your own journey of creating a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary. The beautiful part about it is that you don’t have to be a Kansas City local to design your own custom Nell Hill’s bedding! Our Bedding and Fabric teams as well as our designers are well attuned to remote clients, and have helped people all over the country achieve the bedding of their dreams. Start the process with a Nell Hill’s designer today! Until next time – happy decorating!