Farm Fresh Styles for Spring

Despite the 10-degree chill outside these past few days, it is full spring ahead in the décor world! It is always a strange time to walk out of the ice into a warm and colorful shop.  This in between time can also pose some decorating challenges. What is a home to do when it feels to early for full floral, but you don’t want to live in a winter wasteland for another month? This isn’t a one size fits all answer, but this year I am doing what I love to do year-round – bringing out the veggies!

Garden inspired décor is light and airy without bring out the tulips too early in the season.  It’s ok to tiptoe into spring!  With this look, I started by featuring some of my favorite classic cabbage dishes on my existing tabletop displays. The classic cabbage dishes are a timeless addition to any china cabinet and perfect for almost any season, however they really shine in the spring and summer months! By slowly adding in these new touches, I get to enjoy my blue and white table for a while longer without it getting stale.

Cabbage plates make for a great cabinet display when they are off the table.  Replacing the holiday dishes is never easy, but these do take the sting out quite a bit! They pair well with just about any color and look ready for a fluffy bunny to come take a nibble out of as you prepare for Easter. I snuck in a few tomato dishes to accompany them and have the beginnings of a great display (and a great salad).

As we delve deeper into spring, so too can our tables!  I have been loving garden inspired décor so far this year.  There is something so fresh and clean about bringing produce into a display that breathes new air into our spaces.  This love may also have something to do with my inability to grow veggies in real life. My current favorite table in the shop is bursting with “home grown” goodies that even my lack of a green thumb can’t ruin.  Vegetable dinner plates really pop against the beautiful, cheerfully colored chargers.  Each one is cuter than the last and I can’t decide which design I like best. Luckily, they are adorable as a matching set or mixed!

Since it is still too early for fresh garden supplies, we have adorable faux veggies and herbs saving the day and looking good enough to eat (but I wouldn’t recommend it).  A bowl of tomatoes can create a stunning countertop display while a few herbs in a pot can make a table topper that puts a smile on your face.  It has all the charm and allure, without spending a day in the garden!

Soon we will be toiling in the soil for all natural goods, and I can’t wait for that either. In the meantime, I am chasing my winter blues away one place setting at a time!  Until next time – happy decorating!