2022 Decor Trends: Plush Curves and Sculptural Shapes

The only thing constant about trends, is that they come and go – which is why I always say to stick to what you love regardless of what is currently “in” at the moment.  That being said…who doesn’t love to be ahead of the curve when it comes to home fashion?! 2022 is set to be a fun and fantastical year for returned and reimagined trends full of nostalgia and whimsey. One such trend by which I am enamored is the re-emergence of plush curves and sculptural shapes in furniture.

Curvaceous furniture had its first turn in the spotlight at the same time as Fleetwood Mac and Blondie – yes the 1970’s sure had a lot to brag about! While the 50’s and 60’s celebrated the straight edges and modern lines of Danish and Mid-Century Design (not quite unlike the last few years of 20th century modernism that have led us back here), the 70’s brought with it a desire for a softer and more comfort-forward style. These shapes show a (re)turn towards a modern feminine shape in furniture and I just can’t get enough! Plus, it reminds me of a phase in my life when I was obsessed with 70s design and had quite the collection of obnoxious neon inflatable furniture (sorry mom and dad)!

Quite unlike the blowup furniture of my middle school years, today’s curves represent luxury, comfort and relaxation, all of which I think we can, as a whole, admit to needing during these intense last few years!  While this return to the round is rooted in the 70’s, it’s not another stale reboot that will only last one season; it is a full remix that is sure to stick around.  The new take on traditional curved furniture is art in its own right, as I’ve always believed furniture should be!  Sloped lines, curved silhouette and plush, overfull cushions are just a few of the stunning additions to shops this year. 

These show stopping pieces add a touch of glamour and elegance to any setting, plus they allow you to have a bit of fun!  Rounded structures play beautifully with big and bold fabrics of all kinds. Whether you are a lover of crazy colors, powerful patterns or touchable textiles, a curved silhouette can stand up to and enhance all of them and more.  You will be seeing a lot of large-scale patterns and soft-to-touch velvets coming through as this trend really takes off!

Curved furniture still gets along great with structured lines and geometric designs, so no need to throw out the whole room!  Pairing touches of this reimagined style throughout your home is as easy as switching out a chair or adding a pouf in lieu of a stool. This is furniture that first makes you say WOW and then immediately want to sit down and relax, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds. 

Now is the perfect time to bring this style into your home during our Upholstered Furniture Sale.  Now through February 15th you can get 20% off curved (or any) styles of Upholstered Furniture.  We have a great selection around the shop and even more spectacular styles to special order through one of our talented designers.  Pop into the shop to browse or sign up for a design consultation online or by calling the shop!  Until next time – happy decorating!