New Year, New Bedroom

Every year I try to set goals for myself as one does, and my New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to get more rest! Although with a baby on the way I can see how I might be setting myself up for failure, just as my 2021 plan to eat heathier went a bit off the rails.  Nonetheless, setting goals (achievable or not) is often what keeps us moving forward!  At least I can use my resolution this year as an excuse to give my bedroom a makeover, and that’s something I can get behind 100%!

With so many wonderful designs constantly being introduced on the floor, I find it hard to settle on just one that I want to feature in our primary bedroom.  Every time I walk through our beautiful beds, it seems I develop a new duvet obsession! Since I can’t change my bedding every other week (my husband and I disagree on how many looks for one room is too many), I have been keeping track of my favorite versatile looks for this exact moment. Since Brandon hasn’t yet figured out the loophole of different bed pillows (if your stash of shams can’t be found, do they even exist?!), these enduring duvets are perfect for mixing and matching and switching it up for years to come.

Dreamy Denim.  Denim-colored linen is a perfect textile for a versatile duvet.  This denim-inspired bedding is one that we have brought to the floor time and time again, each reincarnation with a new fair of pattern or color to accompany it.  This unique linen is sturdy enough to ground a bed but light and airy enough to not weigh down your room.  It stands up to strong pops of color from kelly green to crimson and can blend seamlessly with neutrals and complementary blues.  Its subtle texture is also perfect for pattern pairing, so no need to hold back when ordering playful throw pillows!

Timeless Neutral.  It is hard to beat a simple but elegant neutral toned ready-made.  This option is cost efficient and never goes out of style! A neutral duet draws your eye to the small details, whether that be a lovely trim or a luxurious statement pillow.  This is the perfect style for someone who wants to switch up their pillows seasonally since anything goes! Warm it up or cool it down, a neutral duvet goes with any room style.

Classic Black Windowpane Plaid.  You know I couldn’t finish a top three favorite list without bringing in a plaid option!  Not only am I shamelessly obsessed with plaid, but menswear inspired decor is having a moment and, in my humble opinion, it’s here to stay.  I adore a masculine bedding look that I can still put my own spin on – it is a win-win for me and the hubs! The great thing about this duvet is the ability to mix in other plaids throughout the year.  The simplicity of the colors makes it a blank canvas for all my checked and tartan whims!

A bedding set with longevity is the gift that keeps on giving.  While I may fall prey to a flavor of the year (or season) still, at least I always know that I can transition one of these looks into a beautiful and stunning guest bedroom. 😉 Until next time – happy decorating and Happy New Year!