2021 Trends We Want to Bring Into the New Year

There is nothing quite like the start of a new chapter to reflect on days (and styles) past.  Each year brings such breathtaking trends that is seems a shame to leave all of them behind. Now don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few things I would like to leave in 2021 as we begin a fresh and exciting 2022, but I can’t help but reflect on a few items I hope to be bringing with me as well.

Spot and Polka Dots. I loved the revival of polka dots and all things “spotted” this year! There was no shortage of this beloved pattern and its variations to play with in 2021. From the sweet and delicate dotted-swiss to the bold and graphic oversized polka dots and everything in between, there is a dot for you no matter your aesthetic. Whether perfectly spaced and proper or organically tossed around, spot and polka dots have a light and cheery disposition. We loved them on everything from upholstery to lamps to tabletop accessories for a much-needed “spot” of fun for our homes.

Menswear Inspired Décor. As a lover of textiles, when I think menswear I immediately picture fabrics that I would find in a refined haberdashery.  Inspired by men’s classic suit styles, any material from pinstripes to plaid or herringbone to houndstooth can be used to bring masculine charm to a space.  Tweed, plaid, leather and argyle are another few that I can’t seem to get enough of for everything from upholstery to window treatments to accent pillows! My absolute favorite touch? A leather welt or cording whenever we can sneak one in! When it comes to rich and elegantly manly colors, I am drawn to dreamy green, lush navy, luxurious camel, deep grey, tobacco brown and oxblood red.   I picture a posh, suave suit with all the trimmings and then bring those hues into my home (and office) spaces.  Complementary materials to add can range from faux bone and horn to tortoiseshell, or really anything you could find in a cufflink! Adding impeccably tailored touches such as metal studs, pin-tucks and velvet trimming to your upholstery gives the sharp and polished look of menswear to your furniture and overall spaces.

Colored Glassware. Colored glass more recently had its heyday in the 50s and 60s when it was brought into homes in a big way.  However, I would classify colored glass as a newly returned trend for 2021 (and beyond) and I for one am tickled pink! The colors have been revamped to include softer pastel shades, beautiful jewel tones and modern shapes that are as exciting to look at as they are to use. As a new traditionalist (and as someone who believes in the “more is more mantra” of décor) I am all for another way to bring a pop of color and excitement to my home.  Colored glass is a jewel on your table and in your cabinet.  When you are done elevating your tabletops, colorful glassware is the perfect addition to a glass or open-door cabinet display.  Don’t worry if you can’t decide on one color for your home.  Mixing and matching is not only accepted but strongly encouraged! 

I hope to explore these trends much more in the coming year, and add in a few new ones to the mix! I’m sensing that 2022 will have its own share of exciting home fashions for us to enjoy and with which to experiment, so stay tuned! Until next time – happy decorating!