After the Holidays Refresh: Declutter then Re-Clutter

Another magical holiday season has come to a close. The holidays may still not feel quite like “normal” yet, but I still enjoyed bringing out my favorite decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the Christmas finale!  Having holiday décor around the house brings in an extra dose of cheer and I think that was especially called for this year!  Now however, it is time to pack all of that glitter and glitz back into the basement until next year.  I always feel a bit melancholy seeing the holiday bits and bobs leave my rooms.  The house never seems quite as vibrant as I remembered it from a rose-colored September.  I always think I am going to be thrilled – finally, clean house! – but somehow it feels a tad empty after all the pageantry of the last few months. This dilemma is what drives me to refresh my spaces to start a new year off full of good vibes and happy feelings.  I gravitate towards a few tried and true ways to revamp my space; I call this system (in jest) the “declutter then re-clutter”. 

The first step to an overhaul is the declutter phase.  I pack up my seasonal goodies (sorting by tree or vignette and room if possible), remove holiday shams from pillow inserts, and dust off the glitter from the mantel, but that’s only step one! Next, I take a look around the room with a fresh set of eyes.  Perhaps you find your color palette to be stagnant, maybe the walls aren’t popping as much as you would like, there’s even the possibility that the greenery was hiding a chip on your second favorite ginger jar!  Now is the time to remove anything that seems unnecessary or that doesn’t match your vision for 2022.  While you are at it, move that sofa to the other side of the room – you know you’ve been wondering if that would open up the space! Once your room is ready, it is time to refresh and “re-clutter”, which is just my cheeky way of saying add in some new additions to your space.

For a home that is feeling stale, sometimes a crisp coat of paint is all that is missing.  A new wall color can take textiles that are feeling flat and bring new life to them by pulling out new and exciting hues. Or, if that requires too much moving around, bring in fresh fabrics for a boost of energy. I love switching up my pillow shams and tossing in a new throw to brighten my spaces and switch up my aesthetic.

New art and accessories can create a brand-new room.  As we all spend more time in our homes during the cold (and COVID) season ahead, it is always fun to bring in new items for the eyes to enjoy. Create a visual wonderland of fabulous art to fill the void of holiday displays and take your room from dreary to cheery. Or rearrange your shelf displays for a refreshed #shelfie that adds a new dynamic to your room.

As the winter chill descends upon us, we will be spending a lot more time inside at home (it is hibernation season after all).  What better time for a home makeover than when we are stuck in it?! Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year and beautiful start to 2022. Until next YEAR – happy decorating!