Holiday Table Roundup

I feel like I’ve been working towards this holiday season for ages now (truly – planning for the Christmas season begins in January in the world of retail) and it is finally all about to happen! As part of my last steps of preparation, I’ve got my wrapping station going full force, my Christmas grocery list completed and now it is time to break out the holiday table setup!

As someone who likes to break out the special holiday plates after Thanksgiving, I like to take our official tabletop holiday decor a bit further. Each year I waiver back and forth between a fun tablescape or an elegant holiday experience.  Do I mix my more casual settings in for a festive approach or break out (and hopefully not truly break) the lovely china from the cabinets? Either way, there are many ways to bring a special touch of holiday spirit to your table.

Elevate your table with added texture and color.  Start at the base and add in some festive linens for a dynamic touch, whether they be a tablecloth, runner, placemat or napkin (or all of the above).  This time of year, I find myself drawn to rich velvets and bright winter plaids to warm my table. I love how cheery a simple textile can make a table setting! Style Tip: no need to pick just one! Mixing and matching different patterns is playful and fun and yes, you can even mix plaids!

Dust off the colorful glassware – Christmas is the perfect excuse to use it! Using colored glass to accentuate one of the focal colors in your palette is a wonderful way to amp up your table.  The added flair of punchy red and green glasses turns the volume up on your everyday seasonal settings for a wonderful touch of elegance and energy.

Don’t be afraid to mix your dishes! Why choose just one favorite set of dishes when you can pick them all?  Adding unexpected combinations of dishes brings depth and interest to your table.  I love mixing my classic china in with metallic edged chargers and mixed metal toppers for an elevated look.  Simply mixing everyday tableware in festive colors can add some cheer up your table too. There is no limit to the amazing combinations you can make!

I hope you find some inspiration while browsing through my favorite holiday table settings from the shop this year.  At the end of it all, the most important part of your table display is the people you get to share it with – whether it’s a table for two or twenty. Until next time – happy decorating!