Be Our (Holiday) Guest!

December is flying by faster than Santa’s sleigh! In just a couple short weeks our holiday guests will be ringing the bell to for a fun filled stay. That means it is time to dust of our hostess hats and our homes for a family invasion.  I take being a hostess very seriously and am always looking to make my guests feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed when they come to visit. The main rule of thumb to providing a wonderful atmosphere is thinking about the little things you enjoy when you are the one doing the traveling! For instance, traveling makes me hungry, so always having a light snack on hand when guests arrive is a must for me.

First things first, a welcoming home starts with a welcoming guest room.  You don’t want your visitors home away from home to feel like an afterthought.  Bringing in beautifully painted walls, light fixtures and window treatments make for a homey and comforting space. I love using visitors as an excuse to prioritize and finish a project – there is nothing like a deadline to help you get things accomplished!

Providing a few extra conveniences go a long way.  Making sure there is a pitcher of fresh water or bottles of  Perrier and glasses to quench any thirst and adding a place for suitcase storage is a wonderful way to help a guest feel truly settled in.  I like an end of the bed basket to pack away travel gear – might as well get it out of sight and mind until the return trip!  Providing a small desk or other clean surface is another way to ensure that your guests have a place to work or sit when they are winding down in their own room.

Keeping your guest bedroom and bathroom stocked with necessities is a must!  No one wants to stress about forgetting their toothpaste when there is fun to be had. Stash a drawer full of extra toiletries, towels, and your favorite luxury goods to ease minds.    This goes hand in hand with providing extra blankets and pillows in the bedroom (and you know I never have a shortage of those).  While you might not keep your thermostat at the same number they do, having bundles of blankets can help prevent them from spending the night shivering under the covers. 

Of course, a little something unique never goes unnoticed.  Whether that is a small handwritten note, a selection of books for an avid reader, or just a warm smelling candle to add an extra special touch.

Once all the prepping and planning is finished, is there anything more wonderful than getting to spend precious time with beloved family and friends? Whether you’re traveling or hosting, enjoy those sweet moments! Until next time – happy decorating!