Holiday Style 2021: The Most Colorful Time of Year

What comes to mind when you think of the colors of Christmas?  Maybe you think of the many shades of green, from holly to lime, or perhaps you think of red holly berries and candy cane crimson. However, there are so many more colors you can bring to your home during the holidays and Christmas 2021 is all about bringing in more beautiful hues! Of course, at the shop, we go all in on our palettes but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match in the comfort of your own space.

We chose both a traditional color palette and a new contemporary one for two of our displays at the shop this year.  The first is one you might have seen in our showroom last year as well – but we’ve turned up the volume! Year round we showcase stunning blue and white accessories throughout the shop, and the holidays are no different. I wanted to revamp our classic ginger jar inspired look not only because it is stunning and a customer favorite, but also because it reminds me of my grandmother’s lovely blue and white collection (and love of classic toile) I was surrounded with while growing up.

Blue is a versatile, classic color that brings to mind winter ice and the cold days ahead.  As one of the top five colors of Christmas, there are a lot of blue options available but we knew we wanted to add one with a unique New Traditional flair. Anyone who has been to the shop knows we are crazy for chinoiserie and I couldn’t wait to incorporate some of our classic ginger jars and other blue and white pieces into this Christmas tree! With a touch of gold sparkle and modern glass orbs to find the perfect balance between new and traditional, this might just be the best azure look we have ever done (but take that with a grain of salt – I think that each and every time we feature a blue and white look)!

Pumping up the volume across the shop, I brought in a rainbow of bright colors that cannot be missed.  Ever since our color pop fabric look earlier this year, I knew I wanted to play with some unexpected shades this holiday season.  This look takes me back to my time working with my childhood church for an event called Advent by Candlelight.  When I would participate as a high schooler, I would host a group of pals at a bright and colorful table topped with every near-neon color I could find, complete with hot pink handstitched napkins.

This mix of blues, yellows, pinks, and greens brings a playful atmosphere to the displays and in truth reminds me a bit of Whoville (sans the Grinch)! I love how joyful and young this contemporary look feels.  It was a big change from what I normally gravitate towards (in adulthood, anyway) but something about the bold colors and classic clean lines made me feel like it was a perfect fit for our shop! It’s definitely a look that puts a smile on your face.

Christmas décor is never one size fits all, and the best part of the holiday season is seeing our customers mix and match from all of our different looks to create the perfect display for their unique styles.  Seeing the ornaments and accessories I fell in love with find forever homes as part of your memories is such a treat!  Until next time – happy decorating!