From the Archives: 3 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom

While many things in life change and evolve, the steps to creating a beautiful bedroom do not!  Once upon a time Mary Carol laid out a roadmap to creating a stunning space in which to relax and regenerate, and this advice still gets me through my room refreshes today.  I thought we could all use a reminder from her this spring as we look to breathe a little new life into or completely transform our rooms during spring cleaning.

Bedding created by Nell Hill’s Designer, Anne Epstein. She used heavily embroidered fabrics on her duvet and two of her pillows, and designed a custom embroidered tulip pillow to top off the look

Step One: Select Functional but Attractive Furniture

Before you think about fun stuff like colors and fabrics, you have to first make sure your bedroom is fully functional. Start by drawing up a floor plan that works for your daily life. For instance, if two people are going to share the bed, you don’t want one side of the bed pushed up against a wall, making it difficult for the person on the inside to get out of bed easily.

Bedding created by Nell Hill’s Designer, Taylor Schwartz. She has such a wonderful eye for colors and patterns!

As you think through your floor plan, determine which existing pieces of furniture will stay, which will go and what you need to add to make the room work better. If your room feels tight and cramped, consider paring down your furnishings. For example, if you have a TV in your bedroom that’s housed in a large cabinet, replace the cabinet with a console table that eats up less room.  If your room is large and lofty, you might need to add a few larger pieces of furniture to ground the space. Many new homes have lots of built-in storage in the closets to hold clothing, minimizing the need for dressers in the bedroom. But I still encourage customers with large spaces to fill to add a dresser, armoire or bookcase to give your room some visual appeal and balance.

Step Two: Bring on the Textiles

I think that picking out textiles, like bedding, window coverings and upholstered furnishings, is one of the most fun parts of redesigning a bedroom. And fun is the optimal word when you’re talking about a bedroom palette.  This is your place to really express yourself!  Bask in the glow of festive florals or find tranquility in soft blues – the choices are endless! Start layering your textiles with rows of pillows adorned with tassels and trim for a bold and powerful look that is interesting and unique. Once you have your bedding picked out you can move on to incorporating your curtains, rugs, and even side chairs into your vision.

Bedding created by Nell Hill’s designer, Rebecca Kopp. She has mixed the most lovely textiles to create this fresh and fun bedding look.

Step Three: Finish off with Interesting Art and Accents

Once you have the right furniture in the right places, and your bedding and window coverings are magnificent, it’s time to finish off the space with interesting art and accents. If you have a collection, feature a few choice pieces on your bedside table or dresser top. Or work in a few special family heirlooms. How about some snapshots of family and friends? Use your treasures to create motifs that tell a story.

Bedding created by Nell Hill’s designer, Alexa Cunningham. Her look is relaxed, elegant and oh-so-dreamy with soft floral and neutral animal prints that are whimsical and fun without being over-the-top!

It seems simple when it gets laid out like that doesn’t it?! Don’t worry, our designers at Nell Hill’s are still here to help if you get stuck or need a nudge in the right design direction so don’t hesitate to reach out when you tackle your own bedroom projects! Until next time – happy decorating!