The Birds and the Bees and Everything In Between

Decorating with animals is nothing new, in fact it is quite common for people to have a favorite animal or symbol that they use throughout their home decor. Some choose to decorate with dogs or refresh with rabbits, however there are many little critters that make just as big of an impact.

It is easy and fun to incorporate animals or symbols into your home.  You can find them represented in artwork, textiles, accessories and even dishware! I find it to be a fun game to go over to a friend’s house and see if you can spot the subtle touches of a preferred symbol hidden in plain sight! Regardless of what animal speaks to you, they make for wonderful décor to keep around as timeless additions to your home.

One ever popular symbol is the busy and helpful bee. I love to bring bee décor into the shop and my home this time of year, just as the flowers and plants they help to grow start to bloom.  I have even been told it is good luck to find a bee in your home because it means you will soon have a friend coming to visit.  Plus, bees symbolize wealth, luck and prosperity!

When I think of different creatures with which to decorate, my mind always comes back to the butterfly.  They remind me of my maternal grandmother who is no longer with us – she loved them – and I think of her whenever I see one. Butterflies represent angels, transformation, ephemeral beauty, immortality, fertility, joy, and other powerful concepts. There is something about how delicate yet strong these wonderful insects are that keeps me coming back for more!

A most popular animal to incorporate into décor is the bird. In many cultures, birds are powerful symbols found in everything from palaces to the simplest of adornments.  They can be used in formal and casual settings alike. Birds are known as icons of freedom and eternity, so to have them soaring through your home is a wonderful way to bring positive energy into your space.  I for one am having a moment with cranes, a bird that has been used in décor for ages.

What are some of your favorite animals or symbols to incorporate into your home? There are so many wonderful options that can inspire powerful personal meaning, and it’s fun to find them when you are out shopping around to add to your collection.  Until next time – happy decorating!