Going Mad for Plaid

Have I mentioned how excited I am that it’s “officially” plaid season? I could blame my obsession with plaid on Brandon’s Scottish heritage, or perhaps it’s my background and admiration for sewing, quilting and weaving where I see the true art that goes into creating the intriguing patterns.  Regardless, I am a year-round lover of plaid – tartan, gingham, check, houndstooth, tattersall – I will take them all! The autumn and winter months are when this trendy but timeless textile gets the most attention.  We have plaid featured all over the shop right now in celebration and I am so excited to show how we incorporate this beautiful pattern into our décor!

As you may know (especially those watching or reading Outlander – hi Jamie and Claire!) the different patterns found in plaids were originally crafted to serve as a marker for the different clans and families in Scotland.  As colorful as the highlands themselves, plaid is now a popular fabric that has been reinvented over and over during the last centuries.  Its rich history just makes me fall even more in love with this textile!

One of our favorite places to feature plaid is on our tabletops. There are plenty of spots where pops of plaid can have a great impact on your table.  From seat cushions to accessories the possibilities are endless. A plaid tablecloth makes for a bold foundation for your holiday tabletop.  For a softer touch, we utilize our favorite plaids by mixing and matching table runners and napkins to create a look full of depth and texture. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, plaid can be a showstopper at your table for the holidays and well into the winter months!

Merry Christmas Napkin available here
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A versatile way to bring this fantastic pattern into your home is with a classic throw blanket.  Just think about curling up under a warm and stylish plaid, a cup of hot tea in your hand and your favorite fall scent (I’m looking at you Gatherings!) burning nearby – pure cool-weather heaven! Besides the obvious comfort, plaid blankets are a beautiful addition to chair backs and sofas alike! At Mary Carol’s cottage, she stacks them up high by her fireplace to create a gorgeous and functional display.  Another trick for a throw is to toss it on your table! That’s right, a throw blanket makes a creative table cover! And yes, you can mix plaids, so don’t be afraid to toss some plaid pillows in with your throw on your sofa or favorite chair.

Owen Plaid Throw available here
Parker Plaid Throw available here
Owen Plaid Throw available here

There are so many ways to incorporate plaid into your home, from upholstery, to bows and ornaments, and even bookshelves! This is a pattern that won’t fade with the holidays- it will stick around all season to bring warmth and richness to your rooms. Have no fear year-round plaid lovers – there is always madras for when the weather turns again! What are some of your favorite places to incorporate plaid into your designs? I would love to hear about them in the comments or let us know on social media using #nellhills. Until next time – happy decorating!