Holiday Style 2021: Kitschy Cute Christmas

After such a strange couple of years (what an understatement), I have been craving a holiday that feels like things are finally back to normal. There has been a huge demand for the holiday colors and décor of yesteryear whether that be our 30-year-old homeowners looking for a 90’s resurgence or vintage inspired goodies that take us further back in time. I was thrilled to find just the right pieces to create looks that encompass both memories from my childhood and speak to the magic of the season from the years that came before.

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One of these traditional inspired holiday looks is one I like to call Christmas Kitsch. I know that the word kitsch can be polarizing but hear me out! Sure, Webster Dictionary defines it as “something that appeals to popular taste that is tacky or lowbrow”, but how pretentious is that? When I think of kitsch I think of loud and playful decor. It brings to mind a home full of punchy reds and greens and decorations that don’t take themselves too seriously.  Our “kitsch” looks might not be as delicate or nuanced as others in the shop, but they pack a full punch of Christmas cheer and nostalgia for those who are looking for it!

Christmas kitsch is full of some of my favorite things like colorful bubble lights, striped peppermint candies, holly berries and mischievous elves. The look is literal in the best way, with classic green and red hues playing in holly jolly harmony to create an atmosphere of celebration and family fun. Amongst the colored bulbs and candy canes a feeling of home and comfort is easy to be found. Adding elements of this look to your existing décor is surprisingly easy, and certainly blends well with many of those family ornaments we hold dear. We even have a few of these trickster elves hidden around our more trendy and elegant looks in the shop – an elf never stays on its designated shelf for long! Another great way to add a traditional flair is with holly berry picks. Sticking a few of those into your tree will add a pop of personality and fun without having to invest in all new ornaments. We’ve kept this tree fairly simple (by our shop standards of course) and haven’t added any big pieces or figurines, instead relying of the magic of ribbon and ornaments to bring forth the spirit of the season. 

Taking our classic approach to the next level is our Vintage Toy look located in our Flint Hill’s room at the shop. We love over the top looks and this display of not-so-misfit toys is the definition of maximalism! With the same red and green color scheme and holly berries from our kitsch look, we bring in vintage toys and campy Christmas characters to turn up the volume. Full of exaggerated shapes, oversized details, and punchy colors this is a look that can’t be missed. It’s the balance of old and new that makes this look so intriguing. While the elements are vintage inspired, it still feels current and youthful with its splashy sparkle and modern glass orbs bringing the old school inspiration effortlessly into 2021.

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If red and green traditional holiday displays aren’t your cup of cocoa, stay tuned with us. We have an amazing range of styles for 2021 that go from trendy metallics and black to nature-inspired frosted woodland themes, and I can’t wait to share them all! Until next time – happy decorating!