Holiday Style 2021: Marvelous Metallic

The holidays are a time of celebration and glamour, the time of year when we bring out our finest dinnerware and crystal to celebrate with family and friends alike. If there was ever a season to be “extra”,  I would say it  has arrived! As I was deciding on our holiday displays for the year, I couldn’t help but feeling that something was missing from the mix.  Knowing that I wanted to keep a thread of nostalgia coming through in all of our holiday looks, I finally found what I didn’t yet know I was looking for.  Going back through old photos (vintage is just a style waiting to be new again!) I saw the most glamorous trends of the 50s – tinsel and the fabulous aluminum tree. The sparkle, the fun, the sharp pointy edges! In all seriousness, I love the metallic shine that this style brings to the holidays and knew I needed to transform my favorite part of them  into our 2021 holiday displays.

There are many ways to create a metallic masterpiece, and I couldn’t pick just one. The first look we put up in the shop this year was our Commercial Street room display full of moody black and trendy gold accents. This look is rich with modern geometric shapes and metal foliage. We left no metallic untouched with this unique display of shine and excess – after all less may be more, but more is always better 😉.

Across the fireplace in our Coral Ceiling room, we have the yin to our black metallic look’s yang. Classic touches of white pearl and frosted metal make for a soft, angelic display that is still full of sparkling  personality. We added a bit of color with vintage-inspired candlestick ornaments clipped to the branches but kept the overall palette frosty for a texture-forward holiday creation.

These are looks that can either be used in moderation or in full volume. While our trees scream of maximalism, our mantels and coordinating tabletops in each space take a slightly simpler approach with the same palette of colors and textures. After all, mixing and matching is the name of the game when creating your perfect holiday home!

We still have so much time before Christmas arrives, and plenty of different displays to cover for the year!  I can’t wait to show you our classic blue and white room and our modern brights area – they have been customer favorites this year!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to get a closer look at our metallic masterpieces, I will be doing a live video tomorrow to go deeper into this spectacular displays! Until next time – happy decorating!