Holiday Style 2022: Moody Mod

Not to be confused with contemporary styles, modern style is simple, uncluttered, and clean-looking. The idea behind incorporating modern design into many homes is to maintain a certain balance between the decorations and furnishings and their intended purposes.  

One of the key beliefs behind the modern design movement is the idea that “form follows function.” This philosophy behind the modern style makes it a perfect decorating choice for those who like simple, uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of fussy adornments. The latest much-welcomed infiltration? The holidays.  

Worry not, dear reader, Nell Hill’s has not gone modern! We have, however, played upon the modern aesthetic for this look, Moody Mod, the moodiest and most modern of our Christmas looks this year. It pairs New Traditional style with sleek and sultry modern elements. We paired bright white and light wicker with black and touches of gold for a bold and impactful look. 

Moody Mod, the moodiest and most modern Christmas look at the shop, adorns the State Line room  
A garland of natural elements and groupings of white, gold and gunmetal glass ornaments brighten up a masculine bar room  

The Moody Mod Room 

Wicker and natural fibers are truly having a moment. They are the perfect materials to bring a little texture, depth, and fun into the crispness that has permeated new homes and construction for the past few years. You can easily incorporate these pieces into a variety of decorating styles for a vibe that feels both current and nostalgic. 

Although they aren’t the only modern elements gracing the State Line room, sparkling bottlebrush trees are a welcome addition to the equestrian design elements of the room. Sitting next to them, metallic ornaments are a seasonal filling for a vessel. Since the very nature of modern design is understated and pared-back, it’s impossible for Christmas decor with a mod-inspired edge to look overdone (at least in my opinion *wink*). 

Groupings of woven wicker bells hang from the ceiling of the State Line room 
Sparkling bottlebrush trees add a modern touch to this equestrian design 

The Makings of a Mod Tree 

We mixed matte and shiny textures with glittering ornaments, creating balance in this Christmas design. Woven bells are nestled amongst the branches, ample bows of plaid ribbon perched atop them. The glistening stars, a modern starburst shape, stand out against the inky backdrop of the State Line room.  

The most modern of our Christmas tree designs, Moody Mod, features wicker bells and glistening stars  
Glittering ornaments spill out from baskets beneath a modern decorated tree 

A Modern Rustic Tabletop 

Modern and New Traditional don’t have to compete in this design. Infuse timeless elegance into your dinner party with a more traditional tablescape. Garland is woven throughout spindly wooden trees and carved deer in the middle of this table. Antler inspired flatware and wooden napkin rings add to those organic elements, paired with stacks of stately dishes, giving this a true New Traditional feel.  

A rustic tablescape incorporates various wooden elements while a green garland brightens up the design 

What do you think about this modern Christmas look? Tell me in the comments! Until next time, happy decorating!