My 12 No-Fail Colors for Your Home


Here’s how the story began: I had about 30 minutes to zip into the paint store and pick a navy color for the dining room walls of my Atchison house. An hour later, I was drowning in paint chips, completely overwhelmed and still no closer to finding my perfect navy. Can anyone relate? Picking the right paint color for your rooms is so important to the overall look and feel of your interior spaces, that it can become a stressful decision.


Here’s how the story ended: I tossed the paint chips and had the store custom mix the best navy I’d ever seen. I called my new hue Twilight. And, a few months later, Mary Carol Artisan Paints was born. After selling our paints for years, we retired the line a little while ago. (You know me – I’m always ready to move on to something new!) But customers kept asking for our paints. So we re-introduced the line this fall.


Classic Colors for Timeless Style

5-4 kitchen 1

We picked 12 of our very best colors for our new collection: Timeless classics that will always be in style and the perfect choice for a well-designed room, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.  This group of carefully curated colors has something for everyone, whether you like bold, rich colors that make a statement or whisper soft tones that give your furnishings center stage.


The Versatility of Neutrals


Even though our colors are very different, each is a timeless neutral, an inviting canvass upon which you can design a room that reflects your unique personality. I love neutrals because they make it super easy to change the look and feel of a room simply by changing your furnishings or accents, or adding seasonal decor.  Here is a glimpse of a few of our colors …


Garrity Cream

10-19 paint garrity cream

I am crazy in love with this buttery warm cream color and have washed my lake house in it, from the walls to the trim. The color has a lot of brown in it, so it feels warm and inviting. Yet it’s pale enough to be the blank canvass behind any décor. I especially like Garrity Cream in rooms that have lots of color and pattern. It balances all that action, keeping the space from being too busy.



powder room sink

When I decorated the tiny powder room off my living room, I did what all the decorating experts say to “never” do: I covered the walls in a dark color, Twilight, the be-still-my-beating-heart navy that kick-started this whole paint adventure. I think painting tiny spaces a dark, rich color makes them feel dramatic and snug. So, as usual, I ignored the experts and went with my heart. I love the results!



Front Porch

10-19 paint 1

Blues can be hard to pick. Sometimes they go too baby blue. Other times, too gray. Front Porch is just a nice, clean blue that looks fabulous with most everything. Zakk, a Nell Hill’s designer, shared this “after” snapshot of a bedroom he helped a customer redesign. Linda wanted to get rid of her Tuscan brown and beige and go with a cleaner, lighter tone in her room. In this re-style, Zakk and Linda painted the walls Front Porch, then freshened up her existing furniture with custom bedding from Nell Hill’s. The fabulous light fixture is from Nell Hill’s, too!


Amelia Blue

10-19 paint amelia blue

Named for famed aviator Amelia Earhart, who is from my hometown of Atchison, Kansas, this blue feels like wide-open skies. Here, it adorns the walls of a sorority chapter house at the University of Kansas.



10-19 paint molassas

Molasses is a rich, indulgent brown that looks wonderful with Garrity Cream. Here it is in one of the galleries at Nell Hill’s. It’s like a warm hug!


Our Full Palette of Colors 

Paint eBlast


Our high-resin paints are formulated by master chemists to deliver premium color saturation with a smooth application. Your finished walls will look smooth and lovely, bathed in warm color, ready for your creative touch. Pick them up at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff. Or, give us a call at 877-746-4320 and we will ship them to you.

Next Week … I will share some creative new seating options for your dining table that will make your dining space feel fresh and fun.