Nell Hill’s Paint Line: Meadow

If you have followed along with me over the last couple years, you know that one of my absolute favorite colors is green.  I find myself drawn to this lovely hue year-round and in all its brilliant forms.  From restful soft shades to bright pops that bring energy and life to a space, there is always an appropriate spot for a green accent.  As we developed our new paint line colors, I knew I wanted to add another green to join the iconic Mary Carol Hedgeapple hue that is so beloved. After trying to sneak at least five lovely green tints into the line because I couldn’t pick a favorite, Meadow emerged.  

Meadow is a serene light green with neutral undertones that has a very slight yellow tint to achieve a perfect balance of cool and warm tones. Like a Missouri meadow glistening under the sun, this stunning shade ebbs and flows with natural light, bringing different undertones to the surface. As with our other Paint Line colors, our designers have been using Meadow to create gorgeous new looks at the shop and I’m excited to be sharing them with you today!

Designer Liz has put together a fresh look perfect for a Bachelorette Pad, although you don’t have to be a single lady to enjoy it! Starting with the stunning floral Schumacher fabric as her inspiration textile, she brings a rainbow of colors into her space while keeping it clean and approachable. Liz imagined a white sofa paired with a touch of Thibaut trim to balance the cornucopia of patterns she has in mind for the room.  

Adding in some exciting accent chairs in a punchy geometric or animal print with a splashy orange leather ottoman produces a high-impact design.  With plenty of textile patterns for toss pillows and drapes, this is a creation for someone who embraces color in their home and isn’t afraid to show off their impeccable style and pattern mixing skills!  

Designer Ellen used ‘Meadow’ in a different way, embracing the delicate nature of its tint.  She envisioned a soft and cheerful palette for a lady’s office. Using the Mitford Thibaut floral pattern as a focal point by creating eye-catching and luxurious custom draperies was her first step in bringing the wall color to life. She continued to build her look by layering in soft corals, greens and blues to create a subdued story. 

Adding in an understated cream-on-white herringbone design for an area rug with a coral linen office chair lends to the balance of the room.  Chicklet green arm chairs paired with a lovely fruitwood desk and filing cabinets to ground the room and a bench covered in the Seaglass fabric with throw pillows round out the look for a casual and light-hearted home office for the lady of the house.

For our final look, our designer Glenna wanted to create something that feels like summertime! Her collection is a great palette for indoor and outdoor spaces. Glenna started with her favorite Thibaut fabric this summer, “Honshu” in green. This dynamic fabric created the inspiration for the rest of the design and brought in the complimenting colors of punchy pink and dynamic zesty orange. She envisioned a soft sofa in neutral beige with a unique green leather ottoman in front of it for a bit of spice. Accent chairs in the indoor/outdoor “Carnivale” Thibaut fabric make for a great, versatile four seasons space that brings out the subtle but vibrant hues of Meadow. Using the pink stripe Nell Hill’s fabric for stunning window cornices and bringing in even more summer shades with throw pillows leaves us with a bright and sunny space perfect for warm days outside.

Meadow has inspired some of my favorite looks so far this year and I can’t wait to see how it is used in the future! I love using color in my home (and in the shop) and am never one to shy away from a bright hue, making these colorful concoctions true eye-candy for my senses.  What do you think about bringing Meadow into your mix?  If green isn’t the (granny smith) apple of your eye, stay with me for our next featured paint color, Midwest Morning, for a look at a new French Blue you won’t be able to resist! Until next time – happy decorating!