Summer 2021 Trends: Summer Blues

We’ve got the summer blues and I couldn’t be happier about it!  While we have always loved blue décor here at Nell Hill’s, this summer has taken our passion for blue hues to new heights.  With lovely shades for every room and occasion, blue is having its time in the sun.  French Blue, Classic Cobalt, and Navy have captured our attention for Summer 2021 and we can’t get enough of them at the shop and at home!

French Blue is a fresh color that can work with any style in your home.  With its grey undertones and crisp finish it can serve as either a neutral or a statement color.

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What I love most about this soft and refreshing shade is that it goes with anything!  Perfect for traditionalists, but also to those who want to put a unique spin on traditional decorating styles (looking at you grandmillenials!).  We’ve used this shade everywhere from our bedroom displays to our new paint line color, Midwest Morning. 

Switching gears into a bright and dynamic color, Classic Cobalt, is a bold and beautiful blue for summer 2021. 

Cobalt can be found in some of our favorite go-to accessories, like our chinoiserie pieces, but can easily be taken to the next level.  With limitless fabrics and wall coverings incorporating this hue, it is easy to keep adding it to your spaces.  

Navy blue is another favorite this summer season (and, well, every season for us). 

While you might be skeptical of bringing a dark hue into your home during these hot months, take another look!  Navy is a sophisticated and classic color that can stand alone in your spaces or enhance the beauty of a wide range of accent colors.  We love pairing Navy with anything from zesty orange to sage green to illuminating yellow.  Navy and white can bring to mind nautical adventures while a bit of red can have you ready for the patriotic holidays of the season!

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This versatile color is wonderful for poolside furniture and sweet sunroom furnishings.  Whether adding a touch through pillows or going all in with our Twilight paint color on the walls, it is sure to bring a stunning ambiance to your spaces.

What is your favorite shade of blue this summer? Share it with me below in the comments as we celebrate a season of lovely azure shades.  Until next time – happy decorating!