The Scents of Summer 2021

A home isn’t complete without a delicious fragrance gently enveloping your rooms.  We work with our beloved Pickwick & Co. Candlemakers here in Kansas City to make sure that all our signature scents and the ones we carry both online and in-store are powerful enough to waft through your entire home.  While fall and winter might be better known as “candle seasons”, the spring and summer months have a variety of wonderful aromas that you can bring to your spaces.  I’ve picked out a few of my current favorites to share with you that take me into a dream world of sun, sand and citrus.

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We’ve been cooped up since 2020 and it is time to set ourselves free, even if that means an exotic staycation in our own backyard.  The zesty and warm perfumes of Thai Citrus can bring a new energy into your space this summer.  Overflowing with tart pink grapefruit, ginger, rose, plum, lily, lavender, white musk, green notes and fruitwood, this is a scent that stands out!  With citrus colors trending this year, it is the perfect way to complement your new accessories! In the shop, this color pairs perfectly with our color POP look by the front doors.  Full of beautiful bright hues and sunshine, you can’t help but smile!

For a candle perfect to pair with a colorful and vibrant home, look no further than Lemon Verbena.  Lemon Verbena is an upscale blend of lemon, verbena with marigold, jonquil and vetiver that is the perfect balance of citrus and floral.  This candle is all the power of lovely flower scents without the pollen problems!  I love lighting this in my bathroom for a delightfully dreamy bubble bath that reminds me of being in a secret garden.

Light and airy neutrals are a big hit this summer, and we have a wonderful scent for this beautiful aesthetic! Sea Salt and Water is bright and fresh, with a heady sea salt fragrance naturally derived from sea water and inspired by pure ocean air and salty waves.  If you can’t be at the ocean this summer, this is the next best thing to bring the serenity of the coast into your home.

Of course, my every-year seasonal scents will always be Lakehouse and Screened Porch during these warm months, but I do like to switch it up every once in a while to keep my home fresh and my senses tingling! What scents do you feel drawn to this summer? I am always looking for new favorites! Until next time – happy decorating!