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The New Tradition of Grandmillennial Style

I believe that what you love is always “in style” and if you curate your aesthetic around colors, patterns, and objects that draw you in, your home will be timeless and feel just right no matter how the times change. That is why my love of New Traditional design, sometimes considered the “anti-trend” style, has been so fulfilling. Mixing vintage with modern, the bold with the beautiful, and the maximalism with even more maximalism creates a beautiful space full of personality. So, image my surprise when over the last few months, I have seen a boom on social media for the New Traditional aesthetic, all thanks to a “new” design movement called Grandmillennial Style. It truly re-energizes me that a style I love has gotten a revival and I hope that Grandmillenial Style outlives it’s “trend cycle” for today’s younger generation just as New Traditional has endured for me!

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