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Nell Hill’s Paint Line: State Line

Just like in fashion, decor trends are always changing and evolving.  After years filled with gray and white, homeowners are embracing their dark sides and searching for moody and deep colors to enhance their homes.  Ladies and gents, black is now the new neutral and I am so excited about it!

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Nell Hill’s Paint Line: Missouri Bluestem

Missouri Bluestem creates a restful and relaxed atmosphere and with a dash of black, it has a slightly mature and aged feel. It pairs perfectly with our grey (Northland Greige) and taupe (Atchison) paints for a moody and balanced hall or a cozy living space.

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Nell Hill’s Paint Line: Meadow

If you have followed along with me over the last couple years, you know that one of my absolute favorite colors is green. I find myself drawn to this lovely hue year-round and in all its brilliant forms. From restful soft shades to bright pops that bring energy and life to a space, there is always an appropriate spot for a green accent. As we developed our new paint line colors, I knew I wanted to add another green to join the iconic Mary Carol Hedgeapple hue that is so beloved. After trying to sneak at least five lovely green tints into the line because I couldn’t pick a favorite, Meadow emerged.

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