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The Scents of Summer 2021

A home isn’t complete without a delicious fragrance gently enveloping your rooms. We work with our beloved Pickwick & Co. Candlemakers here in Kansas City to make sure that all our signature scents and the ones we carry both online and in-store are powerful enough to waft through your entire home. While fall and winter might be better known as “candle seasons”, the spring and summer months have a variety of wonderful aromas that you can bring to your spaces. I’ve picked out a few of my current favorites to share with you that take me into a dream world of sun, sand and citrus.

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Autumn Aroma Therapy

Fall is in the air, and with it the crisp and spicy scents that I crave this time of year. I am candle-obsessed year-round, but I do consider Autumn to be the official beginning of “candle season”. Take a journey with me as I pair some of my favorite scents with the coziest fall corners of the shop.

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Summer Scent Pairings

The shop is bursting with summer fun and summer scents! With our beloved Pickwick candles, I love to explore seasonal scents and pair them with looks around the shop. The aroma of a room is an important factor in creating the ambiance you want and should not be overlooked. It is hard to go wrong with any of our Pickwick options, but it is fun to tie them into the color and overall vibe of the spaces in which you are lighting them. I took a few of our shop displays and have chosen candles I think complement and enhance the décor within. Take a look!

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