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Finding the Perfect Perch

Few things are more sacred than your designated seat in the living room. It seems every time my family gathers together we go to our unofficial (but also very official) assigned seats in our shared living spaces. My favorite perch features an easy swivel to allow for full room surveillance and a firm cushion for ultimate support that allows me a nice bounce to launch after my four-year-old after I inevitably see him getting into mischief on one of my spins around the room. It has me wondering, what do our different chairs say about us? I decided to take a look at some of my favorite designs and break down the form, style, function and status of each to help you find the perfect place to rest.

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Mary Carol Classic Collection: Picking the Perfect Sofa

With our Upholstered Furniture Sale just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to tackle an age old problem – how to pick the perfect sofa! Purchasing large furniture can be nerve-wracking. Sofas are expensive and long-lasting additions to your home – you want to be confident in your choice! Fear not! Sit back, relax and enjoy some classic MC advice!

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New Year New Look: Sunroom Transformation with Anna Petrow

With the new year upon us and a bright 2020 already in full swing, I thought there was no better way to celebrate than with a mini makeover! I had the pleasure of working with the talented Anna Petrow, who is a local photographer here in Kansas City, in giving her sunroom a little update.

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