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Transform Your Home with Wonderful Wood Furniture

One thing I have learned on my design journey these past years is that there is most often no “right” answer when it comes to home décor.  Sure, there are guidelines for color, scale, pattern mixing and more, and it is tempting to create a rule or norm for designing a home, however with each unique person comes a unique view of how to design the perfect space.

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Placing the Perfect Shelf

There is no limit to the wonders of a good wood shelf! For those of us who love accessories (and have a vast collection) it is important we have the perfect piece to adorn with our favorite goodies. That means for me at least, the more shelves the better! We love to play with oversized bookshelves and cabinets at the shop, forever moving them around and filling them with our go-to treasures that make for the perfect display.

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Change the Way You See Wood Furniture

With all of our recent talk of the razzle-dazzle that upholstered furniture brings to your space (and my obsession with the fun flair of fabrics), I’m ready to shift our focus to another home staple – wood furniture! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wood furniture? Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer to this question! Throughout my design journey (which is, truthfully, only just beginning) I have had mixed feelings about wood pieces – they are essential, but I used to find them intimidating. I find myself falling in love with them a lot more quickly these days and more fully appreciating their longevity and versatility.

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Wood Furniture: The Unsung Hero of the Home

As I walked around the shop this morning admiring the new spring displays, I couldn’t help but notices all the rich and vibrant wood textures we have. Wood pieces add warmth and texture to any space and with so many shapes, sizes and finish options, the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to let wood pieces be overshadowed by the showiness of textile furniture, but no more! It’s high time we give our faithful wood pieces the shine they deserve for offering our rooms elegance, charm and sophistication.

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