To Market, To Market…

As you read two weeks ago, I went on my first Market adventure Mary Carol and two of our visual team members in search of Christmas décor and decorative accents. And PHEW was it a wild ride. We’re sourcing products a full year ahead which is going to take some getting used to for this new gal! It proves an interesting challenge, but I like to think of it as giving us the ability to create trends instead of chasing them.

We moved fast and furious while we poured over showrooms to find you the most inspiring new pieces for your homes. Let me tell you, Mary Carol is nearly impossible to keep up with and she runs on coffee alone! I kept asking which showrooms had the best food (priorities, right?!😊)

While we were primarily there to buy, buy, buy, we spent some time trend forecasting and that’s what I’m most excited to share with you today! Here are some of the looks we’re most excited about for next Christmas.

Classic Christmas is always in! The many variations of “classic Christmas” are alive and well and all offer that nostalgic feeling. I’m personally drawn to the vintage, colorful brights paired with frosty whites! You can never have enough sparkle. 😊

The Great Outdoors – In our digital age, lots of us are looking to recharge by unplugging and reconnecting with our roots (myself included). Getting outdoors is one way many of us like to do that. Bringing the outdoors in can be done year-round, not just in the springtime! We’re bringing a true winter wonderland to Nell Hill’s next Christmas, I can’t wait for you to see it.

Velvet Ribbon – We want it in every color to put on everything! If I thought I could have talked the visuals team into a ribbon-only display, I would have tried! 😉 The lush textures work paired with so many other elements, be they old-world rustic or modern glam. This is a look you won’t want to pass up.

Neutrals don’t always have to act as a base – let them steal the show by mixing a range of neutrals with interesting textures. Pair them with classic fresh pine to tone them down or glam them up by mixing them with a classic tinsel tree!

I’ll have to cut myself off there – I don’t want to share too many secrets before we start setting up for Christmas! 😉 When the time comes, I can’t wait to show you all of the fantastic things we’ve picked up. Stay tuned later this year!


Do you have a go-to or favorite look for Christmas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!