Tradition with a Twist: Creative Updates for Classic Spaces 

Tradition takes on a unique charm at Nell Hill’s, where we find delight in weaving the old and the new into a harmonious tapestry of style. In this post, I invite you to reimagine and refresh the traditional elements in your space, blending the classic with the contemporary for a look that’s timeless yet invigorating. As we embark on this journey, we’re thrilled to share a special treat with you – it’s the perfect time to reimagine and refresh your own space! Our upcoming 20% Off Upholstery Sale runs from January 15th to February 15th. It’s the perfect time to transform your space with quality pieces that embody both the grace of tradition and the excitement of modernity. I can’t wait to take you on this tour of the showroom floor!  

The Warwick Sofa 

Discovering the perfect balance between timeless tradition and modern freshness is an art, beautifully exemplified by our Warwick sofa here at Nell Hill’s. Its traditional elements, like the meticulous nailhead detailing along the arms and frame base and square legs, are met with a contemporary twist in the choice of fabric. Covered in Crypton fabric in a calming blue woven check-like pattern, this high-performance material introduces texture and interest without overwhelming the senses. The inclusion of blue welt along the cushion edges adds one last crisp traditional touch. No detail is too small. For those preferring a rounded foot, our Sedgewick sofa offers the same charm as the Warwick.  

This space, completed with pillows made from our new spring fabrics and paired with a rattan-wrapped side table, achieves the perfect blend of refreshed traditional, striking a harmonious balance between the classic and the contemporary. 

A Custom Beauty 

Embark on a journey of timeless design with our customizable sofa series, offering a refreshed perspective on traditional style. Our featured sofa is adorned with a skirt showcasing a Greek key trim in blue. The boldness of this trim infuses the design with a contemporary edge while maintaining its traditional roots through the pleats on the skirt and rounded sock arms. A true testament to the adaptability of traditional elements, this sofa becomes a canvas for your creativity. We’ve kept the upholstery neutral, providing you with the perfect backdrop to experiment with a myriad of pillow options. It’s a nuanced approach to refreshing traditional elements without the need for a complete room overhaul, allowing you to craft a space that effortlessly balances the classic and the contemporary. 

The Brinkley Chair  

Dive into the world of versatile design with our beloved chair, a favorite among our clients and – you guessed it, is even a favorite of mine. The magic of this piece lies in its adaptability, offering a refreshing take on traditional style. The frame, celebrated for its timeless appeal, becomes a canvas for personal expression through your fabric selection. Whether you lean towards a more masculine or feminine aesthetic, traditional or contemporary, the fabric transforms the chair’s personality.  

Its sister chair, the Bradstreet, shares a similar leg design but distinguishes itself with details like a knife-edge cushion with cording. Nell Hill’s designer, Liz, recently delighted a customer by wrapping the frame on the Brinkley in a navy fabric and adorning the cushions with a dotted pattern, an unexpected way to inject whimsy and color into the space. The customizability of this piece allows you to infuse your personality effortlessly.  

Nesting Ottomans 

Elevate your space with our versatile and chic nailhead-detailed ottomans, designed to breathe new life into traditional settings. Here adorned with a captivating blockprint fabric, these stools bring a touch of sophistication and softness to any room. Their mobility allows for dynamic styling, providing an easy solution to fill empty spaces or add an extra layer of comfort to structured furniture. Tuck them under a console table for a refined look or let them stand on their own as a statement piece. These customizable stools are not just about functionality but also an opportunity to infuse your space with fresh colors and patterns, making them a perfect choice for those looking to refresh without committing to a complete room makeover. Whether purchased in pairs or as standalone pieces, these stools offer the Midwestern practicality we love, allowing you to experiment and have fun with your interior design without going too over the top.  

Classic and Contemporary  

Bring in a fresh trend and elevate your space with the sophistication of our antiqued brass-framed chair, a timeless piece that seamlessly merges traditional charm with modern design elements. With the option to come with a coordinating ottoman, this ensemble introduces a fresh trend by incorporating metal accents into softer upholstered pieces. The nod to tradition is evident in the subtle ticking stripe fabric, beautifully complemented by the modern lines and metal finishes of the chair. Whether your style leans towards modern, traditional, or a delightful blend of both, this versatile piece effortlessly pairs with a variety of aesthetics. Adding a piece like this is a stylish and effective way to update your surroundings without the need for a complete overhaul. Embrace the fusion of classic and contemporary, creating a harmonious ambiance that resonates with your unique taste. 

In the ever-evolving world of design, I find immense joy in witnessing the seamless marriage of tradition and innovation. As we explored the various facets of refreshing traditional style in this journey, it’s clear that the boundaries between classic and contemporary are delightfully blurry. At Nell Hill’s, we embrace the opportunity to infuse modern elements into timeless designs, and this collection serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that exist within your home. From subtle tweaks to bold transformations, the power to reinvent your space lies at your fingertips.  

Be sure to mark your calendars! I’d love to invite you to our upcoming Upholstery Education Event on Thursday, January 18th. Join us for an evening of education and inspiration! We’ll be sharing information on upholstery construction, selection, design and care. Hear about building inspired spaces around upholstered pieces from our knowledgeable design team, learn about the versatile, practical, and great-looking performance fabric options with our fabric department, and hear about upholstery cleaning and care from our resident textile care experts. Please let us know if you plan to attend so we can have some goodies prepared for you – RSVP here. Light refreshments provided.