Cherished Moments: A Collection of Joyful Memories to Start the New Year Right

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, I find myself reflecting on the myriad moments that have woven the fabric of warmth, joy, and inspiration throughout the rooms of Nell Hill’s. Each day brought its own tale of discovery, from the vibrant hues of spring to the crisp embrace of autumn. Together, we’ve created a tapestry of memories, from finding the perfect piece to remembering loved ones, carrying on traditions, and even saving a mischievous puppy from peril.  

In this collection of warm and fuzzy recollections, join me in reliving the magic that made this year at Nell Hill’s special. Each memory, a testament to the enduring spirit of community and the joy we find in making homes truly extraordinary. Cheers to the moments that shaped us, the friendships that blossomed, and the magic that awaits in the chapters yet to unfold. 

Beyond the Registry: Creating Lasting Memories with a Unique Gift 

In the heart of summer, an upcoming wedding brought two friends into Nell Hill’s, seeking the perfect gift for a dear friend. Faced with the challenge of finding something special, they wandered through the store contemplating various options. When Bedding Manager, Paula, approached them to see if she could help, they said they were drawing a blank on what the gift should be. Paula, a lovely gift-giver in her own right, mentioned several different fantastic wedding gift options, such as candlesticks and barware. They thanked her for her time, but ultimately didn’t feel that those options would be special enough, and stressed that they didn’t want to give their friend a gift she might get from someone else. Undaunted, Paula asked if the couple had any pets. Their response was “Yes, a dog that they both LOVE.” Eager to gift something distinctive, Paula introduced them to our elegant chinoiserie pet bowls. The moment was magic – the friends were captivated, envisioning the joy on the couple’s faces as they unwrapped the unexpected and unique pieces.  

Puppy Perils and Sentimental Saves: A Bedding Odyssey 

Another heartwarming moment unfolded at Nell Hill’s when a distressed customer reached out to Kathy, our Bedding Manager, seeking help in a uniquely sentimental matter. The customer’s new puppy had wreaked havoc on a cherished coverlet her late mother had gifted her, leaving a significant hole. Attached to the coverlet were sentimental memories, and she hoped to replace it as a tribute to her mother. Armed only with pictures, Kathy embarked on a determined search, tracing the origins of the coverlet through extensive research. Fortunately, we successfully located a replacement, much to the relief of the customer’s husband, who had also reached out for assistance. In the end, not only did Kathy save the day, but we were also able to ensure the mischievous puppy emerged unscathed from the ordeal. 

Boujee Sofa Quest: A Heartwarming Tradition with Dear Friends 

One delightful memory that warms my heart is when a couple of designers made their annual pilgrimage to Nell Hill’s, this year accompanied by a new pal in tow. This tradition, tinged with nostalgia in memory of a departed friend, brings them to our store every year for a bit of fun. On this particular visit, their friend was on a mission for a “boujee sofa” along with some other pieces for a refreshed space in her home, and we more than thrilled to assist. The shared laughter and joy during their time at Nell Hill’s made it a memorable experience for all, reminding us that our store is not just a place of business but a space where friendships are celebrated and cherished. 

Double Delight: The Tale of Two Julies and the Swivel Gliders 

Registers Manager Kelsey had the most delightful and serendipitous encounter recently with two lovely customers with the same first – Julie, and even the same last name. Sharing the delightful coincidence that they had married brothers, on this particular day the pair found their way to Nell Hill’s, both bound by familial ties and the joy of impending grandparenthood. Here, the two Julies embarked on the sweet journey of selecting swivel gliders for their sweet additions’ respective nurseries. Kelsey recounted the pleasure of being a part of their joyous journey, sharing in a memory that will surely be cherished for years to come. 

It’s these heartwarming stories that make the Nell Hill’s experience truly special, weaving connections through shared moments of celebration and the anticipation of welcoming new additions to the family. 

We Bee-long Together: a Match Made in Heaven 

For Design Manager, Carlie, that warm fuzzy feeling came from finding a dream home for a lovely designer bed dreamed up by Nell Hill’s designer, Reese, and executed by the talented team in our workroom. 

This particular bed, adorned with a charming bee motif, found its perfect match in an unexpected way. This beautiful bedding design hit the floor in September and was quickly scooped up by the most perfect guest that just happened to be visiting Nell Hill’s that day – a bee keeper! She was shopping with her mother-in-law when she buzzed into the shop and made a direct bee-line for that bed. She knew right away it bee-longed with her! But, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with her while she was here that day (and later grabbed a few things from her sweet etsy shop). To me, it’s these stories and the personal connections we get to make with our customers that truly make our jobs meaningful. It’s not just the bee motif that made her fall head over heels for this designer bedscape, either. This beauty is an absolute charmer – the dressmaker details generated as much buzz as the bees! 

Read more about the bee-autiful details of this designer bed, and see more bedding inspiration, visit our previous bedding roundup blog post. (That’s the last bee pun, I promise.) 

From Nursery to New Home: Embarking on New Chapters at Nell Hill’s 

In an equally heartwarming instance, Carlie experienced the joy of a customer returning to Nell Hill’s to embark on a new chapter. Having once assisted her in selecting nursery items, Carlie’s customer returned years later, this time to furnish a new home for her now grown son. They collaborated to select the perfect pieces the young adult could place in his home and grow with over the years. It’s a testament to the enduring connections formed at Nell Hill’s, where milestones are celebrated, and the journey from nursery to a new home is marked with the same care and attention to detail. 

Reflecting on the tapestry of warm and fuzzy memories woven throughout the year at Nell Hill’s fills my heart with immense joy. From weddings to new homes, babies on the way to cherished gifts, each story shared is a testament to the unique and personal experiences of which we’ve had the privilege to be a part. Nell Hill’s is not just a store; it’s a place where connections are made, and dreams find their expressions. As the year draws to a close, I’m grateful for the memories we’ve created together and look forward to many more in the years to come. Thank you for letting us be a part of your stories and for making Nell Hill’s a place where warm and fuzzy memories find a home. 

Cheers to the new year and Happy Decorating in 2024!