Transitioning Into Fall Tabletops

Since I spent last week’s blog post officially welcoming Autumn 2020 into the shop, what better way to keep the festivities going than by giving a tour of our first couple of fall tablescapes? Now, I promise I am not getting carried away (completely, at least) in my fall celebration.  I know Autumn won’t “officially” be here until September 22, but I am nothing if not prepared when it comes to fall decor! To keep my fall fanatic tendencies in check while still scratching the itch to continue in my quest of a seasonal makeover, I have been concentrating on the unique beauty of transitional designs. These are settings for that magical time of year where one season seamlessly blends into another, which is an art form and experience all its own.  Transitional times are for adding a light jacket to your summer outfit and not being able to decide if you are hot or cold enough to use it; they are for switching back and forth from iced to hot coffee (but not yet pumpkin spice) depending on what the weather decides to surprise you with.  With the Midwest weather being unpredictable at best, who among us knows if we have a long and luxurious Autumn full of crisp sunny days and slow changing leaves or a quick flash of rain and chill ahead of us? It’s better to start early just in case by combining summer and fall into a wonderful experience all its own!

For home décor enthusiasts who prefer to dip a toe before jumping headfirst, there is a plethora of transitional tabletop approaches perfect for easing out of summer.  As with most of our tables, a successful transitional tablescape relies on balance, and I’m not just talking about our towers of plates and accessories! Fashioning a mix of colors and textures from both summer and fall create a visual feast perfect for this time of year.  One of my favorite displays takes the vibrant green we’ve loved these last few hot months and pairs it with muted, earthy variants of our popular summer hues.  In lieu of sunshine yellow and tomato red, shades of mustard and muddy burgundy bring depth and warmth to the forefront to complement the light summer feeling that fresh green brings to the table, without getting too weighed down.  The same balance is applied with the addition of a bright and busy floral tablecloth that, paired with simple wicker chargers and a touch of metal, still gives an air of fall flair.

Should you choose to embrace this transitional time by the branches, it is easy to tip the scales towards fall when adding décor to your table.  We’ve taken our charcuterie chic look from this summer and added some spice to the natural wood and clean white ceramics on display.  This look is so fun to transition between seasons, it is a gorgeous and strong blank canvas that can stand on its own, but also support the additional panache when desired.  No one addition to this table would be considered dramatic, yet all together they work to create a noticeable difference in ambiance.  As you know, I am mad about plaid and these rusty orange and red table runners are the perfect gateway textile before my true plaid madness hits.  We kept the color additions simple with cherry red ornaments and bright orange napkins topping off the neutrality of the white scalloped plates and square wicker placemats.  The end result is both airy and neat, while having  all the warmth and promise of fall that I am currently craving!

I love taking a turn around the showroom floor to see all the beautiful tablescapes on display.  Each table’s unique flair brings a different fictional dinner menu to mind as I wander through and daydream of event hosting for those outside of my family of three.  As you might imagine, my four-year-old doesn’t appreciate the nuances that create an unforgettable dinner party, and my husband has expressed that he knows how to find his seat quite well without a place card most nights.  This leaves me no choice but to live vicariously through the shop to get my fill of settings fit for revelry.  Lucky for me (and us all), the holiday season is quickly approaching, which means that my extended family, after an appropriate quarantine period, will be coming to “ohh and ahh” over cocktails and crudité before I know it. While I wait, I will keep my mind and hands busy bringing in the new season of décor goodies and getting us ready for a fabulous fall!   Until next time – happy decorating!