Welcoming Fall 2020

Wait, did I say Fall? It’s still August Katie, are you crazy? Well first off, depending on who you ask, the answer to the crazy is probably a yes (but the good kind of crazy, I promise!).  However, as far as bringing the fall festivities in early this year, I can’t be the only one ready for a change at my house!  Spending so much time at home this summer has been a rollercoaster of emotion, and one thing that is keeping me from going stir-crazy is dreaming of crisp evenings of sweater weather, apple picking on the weekend, and the new goodies that come with the change of the season.   I love and appreciate each season fully, regardless of current events, and I have immensely enjoyed my days of sunshine, spritzers, and fresh florals.   However, just like getting out my new fall wardrobe and feeling fabulous in lots of soft layers, I find a kind of therapeutic relief and joy in transforming my home for fall!  Looking around to the small switches that make my living spaces feel new again inspires the same kind of reset and refresh that I crave for myself. Plus, something about Autumn feels like a warm hug to me, and we can all use a warm hug right now! Since it seems the heat is keeping my sweaters in storage for the time-being, I am ready to re-energize and start bringing in my seasonal favorites from stems to pillows all the way to delectable fall scents. 

Switching out stems is the perfect first step to welcoming a new season to your house.  While spring and summer are hard acts to follow with their fresh greens, bright yellows and flashy pinks, Autumn florals have a special place in my heart.  The earthy hues warm my soul and get me excited for the family time and hibernation weather soon to be here.  Deep purples, rich burgundies and spicy orange blooms bring a depth and vibrancy to fall arrangements that can’t be matched!  Not only is there a plethora of new branches and flowers to play with, but with fall comes pumpkins and who doesn’t want an extra element to experiment with? 

Once my stem obsession takes hold, it’s only natural to move on to the other simple areas for fall touches.  Pillows and small textiles add the fall flair that I am craving.  They are the perfect addition to bring a whisper of Halloween into the mix (I mean, September begins tomorrow, which means October is basically next week!) before committing to a huge holiday overhaul.   Pillows and tea towels are my favorites when it comes to adding a bit of whimsy to my rooms without taking away from the overall vision.  They are the perfect accents to have a bit of fun with and add seasonal life to your spaces. 

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Perhaps my favorite change in the seasons is the candle scents that come along with them. The aromas of fall are ones that I find myself craving year-round, thinking of the spice and fruit notes make my mouth water! With Gatherings back in the shop and burning each day, I am transported to my autumn oasis whenever I inhale.  Fall scents have such a warming effect and truly embrace you in comfort, which is something I can always appreciate.  From classics like Pumpkin Chai (for all the pumpkin spice fanatics) all the way to Fall Foliage (for a classic autumn scent), there is no shortage of unique and delightful fragrances to bring your home into this wonderful season.

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See how easy? In only three short steps, we’ve taken a huge leap into fall! With the shop bursting with autumn, I have so much more to share with you in the coming weeks.  So worry not if you aren’t ready to switch seasons yet – we will be here ready and waiting when you are! Until next time – happy decorating!