Trend Spotting at Fall High Point Furniture Market 

With less than a month until Christmas Day, we are in full swing holiday mode. We’ve been featuring our holiday looks the last few months on the blog, so think week I wanted to take a little break from the Christmas craziness and fill you in on our recent trip to Market.  

In late October, our design manager, Carlie, and I headed to High Point, North Carolina to do a bit of shopping. High Point is one of the markets we visit each year to source products for the shop and get inspired for the upcoming seasons. It’s a lot of work and a ton of fun! It’s inspiration overload by the end of each day; our feet are aching and our imaginations are running wild. 

One of my favorite things to do at Market is spot new trends. At our core, we are new traditional and love to celebrate classic styles in fresh ways, and trend spotting is one of the ways we can keep our traditional roots current. Here are a few of the things we spotted as we shopped Market this October. 

Quiet Color Palettes 

While we typically see a range of color palettes each market, we did see quite a few soft color combinations. Think layered neutrals and dusty tones, earthy browns and organic greens and blues. These spaces invited us in and inspired moments of calm in the chaos of Market. In a home setting, these palettes envelop you in a calm coziness that make you want to stop and stay a while. This is something we can appreciate, especially in today’s day and age. Whether layering warm neutrals or mixing in soft colors, this concept can be taken in a number of directions while still achieving the same effect.


Reeded furniture and accents were making a statement at market! From accent walls to furniture side panels to table bases, this texture was everywhere. The opposite of fluting, reeding is made up of a series of vertical convex moldings (I think of dowel rods cut in half length-wise and bunched side by side) grouped together to create texture. We spotted this concept in a variety of sizes, from miniature to oversized, each offering a different aesthetic. The ancient Greeks and Romans were fans of both fluting and reeding and we love to see such classic elements being incorporated into contemporary pieces. 

Marble and Travertine  

While we saw these materials more frequently on pieces that skewed more contemporary, we spotted lots of marble and travertine stones, especially for table tops and table/base combinations. Natural stone is a great way to mix up the textures in a space, especially when you, like we do, like to cover everything in upholstery and fabric! 😉 It also adds an organic touch, regardless of the piece’s shape.  These make great statement pieces and accent pieces alike.

High Contrast Palettes 

Perhaps the opposite of the soft palette, the stark contrast of black-and-white (or simply dark-and-white) was something we spotted throughout market. These high contrast settings make for bold spaces that draw in your eye, and have a dramatic visual impact. This look can be toned down with natural elements like unstained wood pieces and oversized upholstery or made more formal by incorporating high gloss burl or rich, dark mahogany wood pieces and more structured upholstery. A dark wall with white or cream furniture and light flooring pops, and we especially loved an oversized piece of art hanging on top of a contrasting wall.

Green and Brown Color Palettes

I’m always a fan of earthy tones, but we loved spotting brown and green combinations across market. These colors were styled in both casual and formal settings each with a unique personality. This color palette can skew formal or casual, often taking direction from the types of textiles selected (think block prints for a more casual setting and velvets for a more formal look) and is wonderfully grounding, regardless of the spaces formality. 

I have so much more to share with you, but a girl can only scroll so much when editing a blog post! 😛 Next week, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of our market trends spotting, including warm layered neutrals, upholstery to the floor (my favorite!), Casual Traditional, and more. Until next time – Happy Decorating!