2021 Mother’s Day Must Haves

It’s that time of year for us to show our mothers (and mother figures) how much we appreciate and love them.  I always find myself getting a little sappy around Mother’s Day.   Not only is it so precious to see my four-year-old so excited to give me his special presents (one can never have too many treasures found during play time in the great outdoors), but I find a special kind of joy in gifting my own mother items that bring a smile to her face.  She always tells me she only wants time spent with family, but since we love to do that year-round anyway, I am always on the hunt for something that I know she will love but wouldn’t necessarily think to splurge on herself. 

Call the shop to order

Add to her decor collection or start a new one for her!  If your mom is anything like mine, she likes to collect! Growing up, I remember figurines of all kinds with whimsical faces.  Now is the perfect time to add or start a new collection for mom if she, too, is a collector.  Colored glass is a hot trend this season, and your tabletop-loving mom deserves to be in on it – she is still hip after all!  With shades available in every color of the rainbow, you are sure to find a set that represents her (and her home) beautifully.  Of course, we have lots of other goodies for the lovers of tabletops, Chinoiserie, blue and white, pillows and oh so much more!

Perfect planters and beautiful bud vases.  Show mom you believe in her green thumb by providing a planter full of her favorite florals.  Whether she likes her blooms inside or out, there are plenty of stunning planters, pots and vases that will put a smile on her face.  You can also get creative by pairing them with something a little outside the box, like a lovely and useful herb garden! If you’re worried about the fragility of gifting something living, bud vases and faux floral stems are the perfect solution. 

Candles are the ultimate treat-yourself gift.  Who doesn’t love adding a fresh scent to her home? Whether a housewarming, birthday or hostess gift, I am always a fan of bringing candles to say thanks.  Not only do they smell wonderful, but they bring an ambiance to a room that’s hard to beat. With so many scents from which to choose, from fresh florals to clean linens, it is easy to find one that represents Mom perfectly! Some of my current favorites for the season are Grapefruit Vanilla and Lemon Verbena.

There is no end to the beautiful giftable goodies that show mom you care, and the best part is she will think of you whenever she sees them around her home.  I’ll end with wishing everyone’s mother(s) and mother figures a wonderful day filled with good memories and gratitude.  If you are looking for something to do with mom, pop by the shop – we would love to see you! Not local? Check out our online shop for more great gift ideas!  Until next time – happy decorating!