Home Office Essentials

While parts of day-to-day life seem to be getting back to “normal” (or at least a new NEW normal), some changes from the last year seemed poised to stay around for some time to come.  One of these changes is that home offices are more necessary than ever!  With offices turning to permanent work from home or hybrid work schedules, it is important to create a practical space at home that is built for productivity.  This has created a new challenge for us here at the shop, since many times practical and productive can be a bit…blah.  We’ve been searching high and low to bring style and finesse to our home office essentials so that you can create a study that will stun both in person and over Zoom. 

First off, we knew we wanted to do something besides provide standard office chairs. Say goodbye to old-school computer chairs on wheels and treat yourself to something more luxurious!  My current favorite office chair has to be a winged chair.  The traditional and elegant feel of a dramatic high-back makes you feel like you are in the power seat, and it is extremely comfortable with great neck support.  Upholstered seats like this are a great way to introduce pattern into your office or study.  I’ve been drawn to menswear inspired textiles that add some flair and dimension to an otherwise serious space.  If you have a smaller space, cushioned dining chairs are a great option.  They can easily be transitioned back to other areas of the home and are a perfect height for fold out desk options.

Spending long days in a stark room is never good for morale.  Adding artwork and tasteful accessories to your space can bring personality and life to your area.  This is where the energy of your room will truly be decided.  From bright floral prints to landscapes to hunt scenes, art is a great way to express yourself on your walls!  

Don’t forget to balance your bookshelf with accessories as well.  While storage is all important in an office, so is having some personal items to break up the paperwork!  Using ginger jars and figurines as book ends is a fantastic way to add style to your space will still giving purpose to your shelves.  By placing a well decorated bookshelf behind your desk you also give yourself a wonderful and professional background for those Zoom calls.  This also cuts down on the likely hood of a family member walking behind your video as an unexpected guest star.

These simple changes to your workspace will have your colleagues impressed and make you feel more comfortable during your day.  I think a well-designed space enhances all aspects living!  What other updates has this last year brought to your homes? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Until next time – happy decorating!