5 Benefits of Shopping Custom Upholstered Furniture

The Best Upholstered Furniture Speaks Your Unique Style Language

If you’re like me, you love a good customization opportunity. Whether that’s putting my own stamp on a fashion accessory or adding a personal touch to my stationery, I’m consistently excited by all the special ways I can make my pieces truly one-of-a-kind.

So, why not take the same approach to homes? After all, where we live should be a reflection of who we are. When someone visits your home for the first time and says, “This is so you!,” there’s really nothing better.

Custom upholstered furniture is a great place to start to boost your home’s unique style. Keep reading to learn about all the benefits of calling the shots when it comes to your upholstery choices.

The Possibilities Are Endless with Custom Upholstered Furniture

When you’re shopping for a chair, sofa, or other upholstered items, you probably already have some sort of idea of what you’re looking for. Because you have a specific vision, though, it’s difficult to find standard furniture that fits the bill, and you’re left scouring the city for that perfect piece. That is, until you stop into Nell Hill’s.

With custom upholstered furniture, there are countless fabric options to choose from, so you don’t have to settle for something you’re not completely in love with. You have full control over the type of the fabric as well as the color, pattern, and texture, making it easy to bridge that gap between imagination and reality.

If you’re unsure exactly what your space needs, that’s OK too! Our in-store design consultants will work with you and make recommendations to help you find a custom upholstered furniture solution that feels right.

Custom Upholstered Furniture Encourages Cohesion

Besides achieving a distinctive look, custom upholstered furniture allows you to better coordinate with other pieces you may be interested in or already own. Too often, homes lack a sense of cohesiveness because items simply don’t go together well. Clashing colors, ill-suited textures, and out-of-place patterns are some of the most common problems we see.

Custom upholstered furniture solves this with an array of choices at your fingertips. You’re able to select the exact materials that indisputably complement your design, ultimately contributing to a more unified and balanced space.

Custom Upholstered Furniture Showcases Your Personal Style

One of my favorite parts of seeing clients opt for a custom piece is witnessing a brilliant result that matches their personality.

Your home’s story is based on the individual people who live there and the memories shared, so it shouldn’t sound like everyone else’s. Standard, mass-produced furniture can be owned by anyone, but a custom piece is yours and yours alone.

The best upholstered furniture is that which suits your personal style. Someone with maximalist taste may choose a luxurious velvet or bold print, while simple, solid color fabrics may appeal to more minimalistic homeowners. Both are beautiful choices. Custom upholstered furniture presents options for every style and lets you fully embrace what makes you unique.

Custom Upholstered Furniture Can Be Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Furniture shouldn’t just fit where you live, but how you live, too. Your upholstery has to meet the demands of your household, otherwise you’ll end up back at square one. If you have kids or pets, for example, you’ll want performance fabrics that are durable and easy to clean.

Failing to take your lifestyle into account could make your furniture more susceptible to staining, pilling, and holes down the road. And no one wants that. By taking the custom route, you can often avoid these situations. You’ll be able to select fabrics that specifically meet your needs and can be enjoyed for years to come. Just be sure you talk to your designer about your lifestyle and needs when making your fabric and finishing selections.

You’ll Keep Custom Upholstered Furniture Longer

Custom upholstery offers longevity that just can’t be found in standard options. You put a lot of time, effort, and vision into creating a design that’s true to you. Because of this, you often feel more attached to the custom pieces in your home and are more likely to keep them for longer periods of time.

Other furniture items don’t necessarily evoke that same connection, and you may be more inclined to replace them later on. There’s something extra special about custom upholstered furniture, though, that makes you never want to part with it. As the French say, it has a certain “Je ne sais quoi.” Plus, a quality piece of upholstered furniture can be reupholstered time and time again to reinvent itself as the times and your lifestyle changes.

Discover Upholstered Furniture Near You at Nell Hill’s

If you ask me, anytime is a great time to start your custom upholstery journey. There’s so much fun and excitement around helping you create a look you can’t wait to come home to. Whatever your vision, our skilled and experienced design consultants at our Kansas City upholstery store are ready to bring it to life!

Have questions? Call (816) 746-4320 or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you and start discussing your next upholstery update.

Until next time – happy decorating!