A Timeless Tradition: Embracing Classic Christmas at Nell Hill’s

This past weekend was the Holiday Open House at Nell Hill’s and the shop was abuzz with activity. Weeks of preparation went into transforming the shop into a wintery wonderland. Room after room of Christmas designs were assembled, with one room in particular that I can’t wait to introduce to you today that boasts a cohesive and enchanting holiday look that truly embodies the spirit of the season. In this Classic Christmas design, tradition meets timeless beauty, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the enduring allure of the holiday season.

Nell Hill’s Classic Christmas design is a celebration of timeless elegance and traditional charm. This design transports you to a bygone era of holiday splendor, where rich reds, deep greens, and shimmering golds take center stage. Nestled within Nell Hill’s enchanting Missouri Bluestem room, this design evokes the timeless charm of a traditional holiday celebration.  

This look beautifully complements the room’s rich paint color and classic furnishings. It features a lush blend of pine and cedar greenery that creates a welcoming ambiance. The color palette is a harmonious blend of deep, rich reds and earthy dark forest greens, with just a touch of understated sparkle and old world gold accents, ensuring a traditional yet refined holiday atmosphere. The design embraces iconic Christmas elements, prominently featuring beloved figures like Santa Claus. Throughout the space, a tasteful mix of metallics adds a touch of sophistication. Red berries, pinecones, and hints of magnolia leaves enhance the festive spirit, making the Classic Christmas look a timeless and heartwarming choice for celebrating the holiday season. 

Ornamental Splendor: Exploring the Classic Christmas Tree Design

In the heart of our Classic Christmas design, the tree stands as a magnificent centerpiece of the room. Dressed in holiday splendor, this tree is a symphony of sparkle and tradition. Glittering Santas and charming mini Christmas trees mingle with frosted berries, creating a visually striking motif. Large white pinecone picks are like gentle winter kisses amid the evergreen backdrop. Hanging from the branches are green orbs of varying shades, their depth and luster playing off the striking red teardrop ornaments that accompany them on the boughs. But it’s the ribbon that truly weaves this tree’s magic; plaid patterns, white, and red elegantly spill throughout the design, creating pockets of holiday cheer. The addition of a bejeweled garland adds extra sparkle – every tree deserves a bit of jewelry! Picks and ornaments are layered generously, resulting in a full, richly adorned masterpiece that captures the spirit of a Classic Christmas. 

The Heart of the Home: The Festive Mantel in Classic Christmas Style

The mantel comes alive with lush boughs of greenery, setting the stage for a festive display that’s equal parts tradition and elegance. Perched above the greenery, a gilded metal antler wreath takes pride of place, creating a striking focal point. This wreath, adorned with pine and berry picks, ribbons, and ornaments, is a magnificent piece that epitomizes the essence of the holidays. 

The ribbon used in this composition is a classic red and green plaid, instantly evoking that quintessential Christmas charm. While it’s perfect for the holiday season, this wreath and mirror combination can continue to grace your home throughout the winter months. By simply shedding the ornaments and embracing the wintery ambiance of the remaining picks and ribbons, you can enjoy this arrangement’s beauty all season long. 

This design also showcases a delightful decorating technique, and one we love to employ during the holiday season – the art of hanging wreaths and ornamental arrangements in front of mirrors. This adds a layer of visual intrigue to the space, making it feel even more inviting and full of Christmas spirit. In this case, the mirror behind the mantel is a whimsical, fun piece that adds a lighthearted touch to the otherwise sophisticated Christmas scene. It’s these thoughtful design choices that make the Classic Christmas look at Nell Hill’s both timeless and enchanting. 

Delightful Room Details: Exploring Nell Hill’s Classic Christmas Design 

This room is brimming with timeless holiday details, transforming it into a winter wonderland that captures the classic Christmas spirit. Every shelf in this cozy space tells a story of the season, adorned with ornamental trees and charming holiday figurines. Behind the rich green velvety sofa a console table comes to life with a seasonal vignette, adding a touch of lively Christmas magic to the room. On a shelf in the curio cabinet, a heartwarming holiday scene unfolds, inviting you to explore the tiny festive details that make this room special. 

The coffee table, or rather, the holiday cocktail table, is a masterpiece of seasonal decor. It artfully incorporates all the elements that define this space. In the vintage-looking sleigh, we’ve included some of our signature garland greenery, exclusively available at our shop, which adds a cheerful and inviting touch to the room. Even amidst all the classic Christmas elements, the space maintains a sense of continuity. The traditional blue and white ginger jars that have long been part of this room’s decor seamlessly blend with the classic Christmas theme, proving that this design harmonizes beautifully with existing colors and aesthetics. This attention to detail elevates the holiday spirit in the room, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that beckons you to celebrate the season with joy and style. 

Two grand nutcrackers stand tall, making a bold statement on either side of the mantel and flanking the entryway into the space. These modern additions are great statement pieces and add a fresh twist to the otherwise traditional Christmas theme. Their regal white finish harmonizes beautifully with other elements in the room. Resonating with the white mirror above the mantel, the pristine white lamps on the console table, and the clean white curio cabinet throughout the space. Hints of white are found in the decor as well, from the delicate white picks tucked into pencil trees to the hardy flocked pinecones layered into the tree, to create a balanced and harmonious look that captures the timeless charm of the season.

As we conclude our journey through the Classic Christmas design, I hope you’ve been inspired by the timeless beauty and elegance that this season brings. The blend of classic greenery, touches of gold, and an array of traditional ornaments create an atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of the holidays. This design proves that sometimes, the most cherished traditions stand the test of time, and they remind us that Christmas is not just a holiday; it’s a feeling of warmth, love, and togetherness. I hope you bring a piece of this classic charm into your own homes and hearts, making this holiday season truly special. Until next time – happy decorating!