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From the Archives: 3 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom

While many things in life change and evolve, the steps to creating a beautiful bedroom do not!  Once upon a time Mary Carol laid out a roadmap to creating a stunning space in which to relax and regenerate, and this advice still gets me through my room refreshes today.  I thought we could all use a reminder from her this spring as we look to breathe a little new life into or completely transform our rooms during spring cleaning.

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Let Your Headboard Shine

While I love looking at beautiful bedding during all times of the year, it is especially rewarding during these upcoming colder months! Our second floor is such a delight to behold with all the textiles and colors that grace our beds. However, it is more than the duvets that catch my eye! I have also noticed a big trend towards wood bed frames and uniquely upholstered headboards. I have brought in some unique (and dare I say, bold) styles that are sure to steal the show from the pillows, duvets and coverlets we love so much!

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Bedside Manner: Have Your Clutter and Clean it Too

For me, with comfort often comes clutter. My nightstand turns into a neglected library overrun with books that I’m too tired to read and my eye glasses seem to get lost among the fray of water cups, phone chargers and decorative tchotchkes when I need them the most (although I maintain that my glasses have the ability to move on their own). To keep what I deem necessities within arm’s reach (what’s the point of relaxing if I have to stand up to retrieve something) and to keep my husband from disappearing under a pile of decorative pillows and design magazines, I knew I had to make some changes.

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Spring Bedding Part 2

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend full of relaxation, good health, and plenty of video chats with loved ones! This week is bringing chillier weather and I can’t wait to snuggle up under my duvet! As promised here is part two of our Spring bedding roundup.

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Nell Hill’s Bedding Secrets: Tailoring and Textiles

I love coming home to an enticing and tidy looking bed – it not only energizes me in the morning to accomplish the small task of making it, but a well-made bed is a thing of beauty! I’d like to revamp our bedroom this year, and lucky for me, there are countless gorgeous beds to inspire me at Nell Hill’s! This goal has me thinking about all the questions I receive about how to achieve a “Nell Hill’s Bed”. Many a bed-owner has asked how we get them to look so full and luxurious, so I’ve collected a few secrets from our bedding experts (thank you Paula and Kathy!) who create our second-floor masterpieces.

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Dorm Décor: Make a Small Space Special

A few weekends ago, I spoke with a lovey mother-daughter duo who were in shopping for some new bedding. The daughter was headed to Kentucky for her freshman year and they were searching for the perfect shade of blue to show off her new school pride. It got me thinking about how bedding can transform a cold, impersonal room and how fun it could be to showcase collegiate looks and dorm room design tips!

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