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Scents of Spring

Spring is in the air, and so are its wonderful scents!  When I think of spring, aroma is at the forefront of my mind.  Stepping outside and inhaling a fresh, earthy breeze is my sign that the season has officially changed.  I can picture it now in my mind – light cotton dresses, dreamy floral sprigs, gardens starting to bloom and a sense of renewal that only comes with spring. I have a few favorite scents this season that pair beautifully with many of our different springtime looks in the shop!

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The Scents of Summer 2021

A home isn’t complete without a delicious fragrance gently enveloping your rooms. We work with our beloved Pickwick & Co. Candlemakers here in Kansas City to make sure that all our signature scents and the ones we carry both online and in-store are powerful enough to waft through your entire home. While fall and winter might be better known as “candle seasons”, the spring and summer months have a variety of wonderful aromas that you can bring to your spaces. I’ve picked out a few of my current favorites to share with you that take me into a dream world of sun, sand and citrus.

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