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Back to College: Bedding and Pillows

Thinking back to my younger years at university I remember a lot of different emotions. That first time away from home is an eye-opener! One of the hardest parts is leaving the comforts of home and branching out to discover your own way. I remember thinking I’d spent 18 years curating my childhood room and now I had to leave it behind! Making a dorm room or rental bedroom feel like your own space is not always an easy task. With rarely an option to add paint colors or even your own furnishings to a space, it can be challenging to make it truly feel like home. My suggested solution? Fabulous fabrics and bedding, of course!

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Nell Hill’s Paint Line: Flint Hills

Painting is one of the simplest (and most effective) ways to transform a room. Paint sets the overall mood of the room, and the stage for the layering of furnishings and accessories. When creating our Nell Hill’s paint line, I wanted to create colors that I would want in my favorite rooms: rooms that are both lovely and lived in, comfortable and friendly, on trend and yet timeless. Our new palette of seventeen colors has endless combinations that are perfect for enhancing a home’s unique style. The first color I would like to highlight is a versatile and enduring hue – Flint Hills.

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Fabric Round Up: Pretty Pairings (Part Two)

We are back at it with some of our favorite fabric pairings (part two)! Us New Traditionalists know that adding textiles to your home can be done in so many ways, from upholstered furniture pieces and pillows, to window treatments, to tablecloths and beyond – there is no limit on rooms that can benefit from a medley of material.

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