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An Ode to Blue and White

There are some iconic pairings that stand the test of time. Like peanut butter and jelly (still a viable dinner option after a long day in the shop for this working mama), Holmes and Watson, and of course Blue and White chinoiserie in home décor. This iconic color combo is having a major moment in interior design, but we’re here to remind you that it simply never went out of style!

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To Market, To Market…

As you read two weeks ago, I went on my first Market adventure Mary Carol and two of our visual team members in search of Christmas décor and decorative accents. And PHEW was it a wild ride. We’re sourcing products a full year ahead which is going to take some getting use to for this new gal! It proves an interesting challenge, but I like to think of it as giving us the ability to create trends instead of chasing them. Read more to see the Christmas trends we can’t live without.

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Rad Plaid Holiday Tables

This holiday season, set your table with plaid! Here are some inspiration tables filled with ideas to inspire you to make your holiday table beautiful.

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A Tale of Two Bedrooms

When we redecorated the cottage next door, we dressed one bedroom for summer and another for winter. Both are warm and welcoming, ready for visiting family.

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