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Hosting Easter Coffee

This year is flying by! Who among us can believe it is already April? Part of my brain still thinks it’s February 2020! While prepping for the arrival of a new family member – we welcomed a fresh new baby boy to the family early this month – I attempted to get ahead of the curve by planning our Easter fun far in advance.

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Serving Up Easter

Bunnies and tulips and colorful eggs, oh my! With Easter only weeks away (how?!) my mind turns to my wonderful family memories of this time of year – gathering around the dining table to dye eggs, scavenger hunts to find baskets filled with sweets, and heading to church with extended family on Easter morning are among my favorites. Of course, I love to dress the table up for any occasion, and Easter is no different. I’m finding myself having even more fun with it these days, incorporating little things my little guy might enjoy and it’s especially easy at Easter time (who doesn’t love cheerful colors and playful bunnies?)!

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Easter Brunch at Home

It seems that Easter is going to look a bit different for many of us this year. However, different doesn’t have to mean less festive! Nothing gets me out of the “isolation blues” like turning one of my rooms into a new scene! Last month when I was visiting Gail’s beautiful home in Lawrence, Kansas (check out last week’s blog post for more on that), I had just perused at all our cute spring goodies and I thought that her house would be the perfect place to set up an Easter Brunch.

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Spring Open House 2020 Recap

I know we are still technically a little way off from the first official day of spring, but that’s no longer stopping us from celebrating the new season! After this weekend at our Spring Open House I am going full steam ahead into springtime.

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