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Types of Plaid That Everyone Should Know Part Two: All about Plaid

tmosphere it creates (and the fact that is pairs so well with a crackling fireplace), it is a wonderful and stunning fabric to use year-round. Classic plaids have a traditional feel but can be modernized depending on the chosen color palette.  Plaid to me is slipping on your favorite sweatshirt, cozy and comfortable and unconcerned about changing trends.

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Bedding Roundup: More Plaid Please!

As cold weather approaches (and then leaves again and comes back…thanks Midwest!) it is really getting me excited about the upcoming season, and I don’t mean the holiday season! Sure, this time of year, it is most common to be fantasizing of dancing gumdrops, snow-covered trees and the cheery old man in red coming to leave presents, but I’m dreaming of – you guessed it – PLAID. Yes, it is finally what I like to refer to as “plaid season”!

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Rustic Elegance: “Outlander” Inspired Tablescape with Suzanne Zingg

In the time I have owned Nell Hill’s, I have been so fortunate to meet the most amazing designers and artists around Kansas City (and beyond). I find so much inspiration from talking with like-minded creatives about style and design. One of these talented souls is local tablescape artist Suzanne Zingg. A couple months ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to chat and one thing led to another and an idea was born!

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Welcome to Our Holiday Ski Lodge!

I knew that I wanted to bring in a look that encompassed how I feel around this time and how I want others to feel when they visit the shop. I kept coming back to one word in my mind – cozy. That is why our Ski Lodge look has become one of my absolute favorites this year. While we may be short a few mountains here in Kansas City, the feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation that comes with the rich red hues, soft plaids and fresh wood tones is something that resonates even here on the plains.

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Going Mad for Plaid

Have I mentioned how excited I am that it’s “officially” plaid season? I could blame my obsession with plaid on Brandon’s Scottish heritage, or perhaps it’s my background and admiration for sewing, quilting and weaving where I see the true art that goes into creating the intriguing patterns. Regardless, I am a year-round lover of plaid – tartan, gingham, check, houndstooth, tattersall – I will take them all! The autumn and winter months are when this trendy but timeless textile gets the most attention. We have plaid featured all over the shop right now in celebration and I am so excited to show how we incorporate this beautiful pattern into our décor!

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