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Stunning Summer Bedding 2022

Summer might just be getting started, but the styles of summer 2022 have been hard at work! One of the best parts of working at the shop is seeing what new fabrics, patterns and designs make their way to the showroom floor each season.  This summer has been all about color! From bold and untamed to classic pastels, hues of all kinds are having a heyday!

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Finding the Perfect Upholstered Piece

All good classic tales have one thing in common – you have to kiss a lot of proverbial frogs to find your prince. In Cinderella, the glass slipper had to be put on quite a few feet before finding the right fit, and we all know Goldilocks had to nibble a few porridges before finding the one that was just right. It makes me wonder, what if Prince Charming had taken the time to look at the shoe size or if Goldy had just stopped to grab a snack before breaking and entering? When it comes to finding the perfect match there are ways to skip some of the hardships and make your way to a fairy tale ending, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture

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Lovely Lakehouse Essentials

What is going on with this June weather in Kansas City? It’s usually August before this type of heat and humidity reach us! It makes me want to pack up the family and find some fresh (hopefully breezy) air at the nearest lakeside abode.  However, with a newborn at home it seems that dream will have to wait a bit.  In the meantime, since I can’t be submersed in a cooling lake, I am submersing myself in beautiful lake décor!

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Pretty and Patriotic Styles

If you have been following along with me you know that while I have many favorite color combinations, red, white and blue is right near the top year-round!  That is one reason I get so excited during the summer months when it come to the forefront of the shop.  While in the other months I try to stay away from making this combination scream USA, these are the months where it is easier than ever to bring out a bit of patriotic prettiness to existing home designs – even those who don’t share my obsession with decorating with these hues.

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Beautiful Botanicals

I have always been a big fan of botanicals in the home.  From a young girl who wanted flowers on her wallpaper to an adult…who still wants flowers on my wallpaper! However, my husband and two sons don’t seem so keen on the idea so we must meet in the middle by mixing together my favorite florals with more masculine flower-free botanicals to keep our spaces in perfect harmony. 

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